The tips and tricks to using tool catalogs


A few tips and tricks for using tool catalogs can be helpful, especially given that the Kennametal Master Catalog is over 1,500 pages long.

Learn how to find application-specific components in catalogs for particular operations and find out how to browse any catalog, including the First Choice catalog, in interactive digital or print format. Here is a roundup of the most helpful tips for finding the tools you need in catalogs.

Choose Your Operation and Get the Tools You Need

The first decision to make is which tool catalog you will need to find the right parts for any application. Browse any of the following interactive online catalogs:

  • First Choice
  • Carbide parts and components
  • Cladding solutions
  • Industrial nozzles and abrasive flow products
  • Metalworking and tooling solutions
  • Mining and construction
  • Powders and powder protection
  • Sinteo Advanced Ceramics
  • Stellite™

The First Choice catalog stands out for offering a curated selection of tools that covers 80% of machining applications. In addition to looking through these online catalogs, you can fill out a form to request a print catalog. A print copy of any other catalog you specify can be sent to your address to help you find tools for heavy duty turning and other operations.

Premium Support Right At Your Fingertips

When you are ordering specialized metalworking and tooling solutions, it can sometimes be difficult to find the precise part you need. Whether you have a part number and are looking for an exact replacement or you want to know whether another tool for holemaking or any other application will get the job done, tool experts can help you make the right call when ordering replacement components.

Just as you can browse tool catalogs in digital or analog format, you can also easily access support online or by contacting a local or regional Kennametal Representative or an Authorized Kennametal Distributor. All of the available support options take the guesswork out of ordering parts for specialized applications.

Tips for Shopping from Tool Catalogs

You will need an application or browser-based extension to view tool catalogs in Portable Document Format. These PDF catalogs feature high-resolution images of parts along with brief descriptions of the functionality and operational applications of each tool.

Once you determine which catalog to check for the part you need, you may refer to the table of contents or backmatter such as an Index by Order Number to find the right part. If you have questions, it is easy to get in touch with customer or technical sales support via the website menu. Consulting with support professionals, distributors or representatives can simplify the chore of finding the right replacement part or upgrade for any machining operation.

These tips can help you find the exact tool you need. If the tool is a relatively standard component, it may be available through the First Choice products catalog with high-priority delivery. More specialized and field-specific tools can be found in catalogs of industry-specific Kennametal components on the website, or you can request a print copy.