The svi insurer (damage insurance for passengers) is becoming increasingly popular

passenger injury

In the past, liability insurers mainly sold insurance to car owners under the Motor Vehicle Liability Act.

A choice could then be made from liability insurance, liability + insurance or all-risk insurance. This only concerns insurance that insures the person causing the accident against liability or insures the vehicle against damage.

In addition to the liability insurance, there was also a passenger accident insurance. This insurance entitles the passengers of a vehicle to a one-off payment. The percentage of permanent disability was considered. This percentage had to be multiplied by the insured amount. The result of this calculation was then the personal injury compensation that the victim received from the personal injury insurance company.

Accident and passenger insurance does not compensate damage, it is an amount that is completely independent of the actual damage suffered as a result of a car accident or bicycle accident. The personal injury victim is therefore often left with enormous residual damage.

The SVI insurance

With a SVI insurance (Dutch: SVI- verzekering) the actual damage to the passenger is compensated, for example damage as a result of a whiplash. This means that all damage suffered after a traffic accident must be compensated by the svi insurance. And this damage can still add up. Because a car collision or bicycle collision can leave you with serious and permanent injuries.

In a unilateral accident, there is no liable party to compensate your personal injury. With a SVI insurance, personal injury is still reimbursed. This concerns material damage, such as loss of income or medical costs, but also pain relief.

SVI insurance is a popular product with insurers. It is also a fairly cheap insurance policy, for a few Euro per month both the driver and the passengers are insured against personal injury.

Insurers now sell the SVI insurance almost as standard. It is therefore possible that this insurance will soon become a standard part of the insurance policy.

The SVI insurance is of great importance for self-employed people.

Self-employed entrepreneurs are at great risk. If they become incapacitated for work due to, for example, a whiplash (Dutch: whiplash), they often no longer have an income. Few entrepreneurs also have a disability insurance. After a one-sided traffic accident, self-employed people therefore no longer have any form of income if they become incapacitated for work due to the car accident.

If an entrepreneur has Svi insurance, the loss of income will also be compensated. That is why it is essential for entrepreneurs to have a social security insurance.

In addition to loss of income, this insurance also reimburses all other personal injury. This may include medical expenses, but also travel expenses, a household help or someone who maintains the house or garden.

In addition to material damage, the damage passenger insurance also compensates for immaterial damage, better known as grief money. This is compensation for, for example, pain in the neck after a whiplash, psychological complaints and grief about the consequences of the traffic accident.