The Sure-Fire Taxi App Development Ideas To Be The Unicorn Of Taxi Industry

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People love convenience. If there’s a service that can book on their phones, with minimal effort, then they’re going to take it. From banking to ordering food, there are apps out there to make everyday life a little easier. The same goes for taxis.

Taxi apps provide customers with convenient options for booking travel. With in-app payment options, location tracking and saved pick-up points, they provide a lot of great services for customers. As a taxi company, having an app keeps you relevant and modern, and able to compete with larger firms who are already taking advantage of apps.

Want to be a unicorn of the taxi industry? Check out these app development ideas.

Current and future taxi app development trends

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the taxi industry. But now that things are opening up again, you can expect to see demand increase, with customers expecting convenient solutions once they’re ready to ride again.

There’s a lot of competition out there, especially from big names like Uber and Ola, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t scope for taxi apps for smaller businesses, providing an additional and beneficial service to the one your customers already experience from your company.

Taxi apps have a simple concept, and recent development trends have seen features such as in-app payments, vehicle tracking, referrals, ride-sharing and more providing users with a simple booking process that delivers everything they need.

How to make a winning taxi booking app

Ready to make a winning taxi app? Here are some things you need to consider:

  • How can your app be unique – how does it fit in with your business’ values and customer base?
  • How will you promote your app?
  • Could you include extra revenue streams such as advertising?
  • What are your competition doing? Which features do customers respond to?

It’s important to do your research into your customers’ needs to help you create an app that they will use and will add value to your business.

The core functionality to power up mobile taxi apps

On the most basic level, mobile taxi apps need to allow people to book a ride online. Having exact location services, estimated wait times and the ability to choose the number of passengers are all key features your app should have. Online payment options can add a lot of appeal to your customers, helping them pay their fare in an easy and convenient way – no more counting change in the back of the car!

These features seem simple, but they’re effective, helping you reach even more customers and putting you ahead of your competition.

Main pitfalls in taxi app development

Some of the main pitfalls in taxi app development include navigation that’s clunky, with limited functionality for the user. Taxi apps need to be simple in their function and appearance, and need to be maintained regularly to ensure they stay relevant.

One way to avoid some of the main taxi app development pitfalls is to work with a specialist taxi application development company. With professionals working with you, you can create an app that delivers your objectives, with an end-product your customers will love.

Is it time you introduced a taxi app for your business? Get on the map and take your business to the next level.