The most popular businesses TLDs/Domain extensions in 2020

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A lot of us have looked for the best top-level domains (TLDs) or domain extensions for our sites. They enable us to create a lasting online presence and make us more memorable to our clients in the UK and beyond.

Of course, you have to choose one domain extension, since you cannot use all of them at the same time and here you can get help using domain checker tools.

I would be taking you for a ride if I told you that a specific domain extension is right for you. The truth is, you should select yours depending on the type of business you are running, plus the products and services you specialize in. How you intend to set your company apart from your competitors will also come into play when you are choosing a domain extension.

Using one of the free domain checking tools which you can find on Hostinger’s website will save your time and keeps you from trouble trying to adopt a domain that’s already taken. This domain checker will also help you to come up with a highly competitive domain name for your site. With an excellent domain name, online visibility and ranking on SERPs will be a smoother and easier task.

You can always consider the most popular domain extensions whenever you are searching for one, and I will help with that.

Below, I have provided several that are worth your attention.


This tops our list of the most popular domain extensions in 2020. By the end of the first three months of 2018, .com had about 133.9M registrations, and millions of businesses still go for it today. This domain extension is suitable for all types of companies, regardless of where they were registered. It helps a lot in promoting one’s services, and it enables clients to know that you are making an effort to make your brand as original as possible. Besides, .com is excellent for running outreach and link building campaigns because it comes with its fair share of credibility.


From my vantage point, this is among the top domain extensions you should put into account if you want the full attention of your clients. The top-level domain has been around since 2015, and it stands out when compared to many traditional domain extensions. It is versatile and catchy, hence ideal for both small and large businesses. Due to its powerful attention-grabbing capabilities, the .online domain extension can be a handy marketing tool for your enterprise. People will be more inclined to check out the website and see what you have to offer, increasing your conversation rate.

Do you need help coming up with your .online domain name? Feel free to get the help of domain checking tools. They are pretty easy to use, and accept everyone in the UK, regardless of whether they are previous users or not. Domain check tools often come with not only the .online domain extensions but also several other types that include, .LIVE, .space, and .xyz.


The .net domain extension is a world-class TLD that all types of entrepreneurs use to build their credibility in their respective industries. Today, there are approximately 15 million domain names with this extension, and it is more popular among network service providers as well as various infrastructure companies. When compared to other domain extensions such as .com, .net is not as popular, but this makes it perfect for you since it is easier to find some good domain names using domain checker.

From my perspective, you can still use the .net domain extension even if you don’t specialize in networking technologies. Even so, pulling it off will call for incredible marketing tactics.


.org is also an excellent and considerably popular domain extension that I recommend. Some years back, it was best for non-profit organizations, but now individuals and other private companies can use it. You are not even required to provide any proof of who you are during registration, so it is conveniently straightforward. One of the primary reasons why I advocate the .org domain extension is that it helps to build trust. Believe me, visitors will be flocking your website as soon as you start using it. It is also useful in protecting your brand.

I don’t think that there is a better fit for you if you are running a UK website for a British audience. Statistics show that 81% of internet users in the UK are more likely to visit your website if it has this domain extension. With it, you have a higher chance of effortlessly gaining the trust of your clients because they will know that you are local and know a lot about them. Additionally, your website will be more visible in the search engine results in the UK, meaning that you will get more website traffic.


Did you know that this TLD was created to link the X, Y and Z generations? Internet users are going to have a hard time resisting the urge to visit your website with this fresh domain extension that has been available since 2014. People also like it because it gives your site a bold look. How do I know if it is suitable for me? The .xyz TLD is for you if you are not into commercial retail as it’s slowly becoming the new .com. It is also a great alternative for you if you cannot find the domain name you want with the .com TLD.


The .site domain extension is in the pool of the new and quickly growing TLD list. It is super effective when it comes to brand building because it is trustworthy, and it makes your business look authentic. I can advise you to get this domain extension if you want to make it big in the online market regardless of what you are selling.

Wrapping Up

Do what is best for your business and get a quality and reliable TLD for your website. Don’t avoid to search the best domain for your business using domain checkers. Get a high-quality domain is the best way to capture the attention of your clients and attract plenty of potential ones. When choosing a domain extension, consider the kind of services you are providing and your audience. You can also check out its features to make sure that it is precisely what you need.