The Independent Betting Adjudication Services 

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Independent Betting Adjudication Services is an alternative dispute resolution service specialized in gambling that examines and makes an effort to arbitrate and settle a dispute between legalized gambling operators and the customers, post the completion of internal dispute procedures of an operating site that yet waits to achieve resolution.

Furthermore, each dispute raised by a customer is looked upon by a panel of experts. The services provided by the IBAS are free of additional charges to the consumers. It is supported by an annual registration fee, which is extracted from licensed gambling operators as an annual fee that is paid a year in advance.

The Key Objectives of IBAS includes:

  1. Promotion of fair game in gambling by upholding clarity of communication and solving disagreements within parties.
  2. Timely resolution of a raised dispute.
  3. Staying honest and direct during giving advice.
  4. Excepting independent viewpoints and consider them like submitted, for delivering unbiased advice.
  5. Consistency in maintaining standards.
  6. Maintenance of strict professionalism, sticking by ethics.

The IBAS services make sure that the parties involved do not require to proceed into complex legal procedures. The main motive is to solve issues without delving into legal complexities. The Independent Betting Adjudication Services panel makes sure the game providers follow the standards pre-recorded by the Gambling Commission along with the terms and conditions of IBS during registration. These services can act upon popular independent betting sites available for UK punters. You can read more about those independent gambling companies on, the most popular of them are Fortune Clock, The Red Lion Sportsbook, Harry’s Sportsbook, Crazy Star Sportsbook, Cobra Spin Sportsbook, BetNow, and so on.

How IBAS Started?

In 1998, the Independent Betting Adjudication Services was founded by Trinity mirror. Previously, before the implementation of the 2005 Gambling Act, there was no legal protection for either party engaged in disputes related to betting. Although legalized betting was considered as a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’, if any dispute occurred between the two parties involved, they had nowhere to complain against it. The sole purpose of its emergence was to serve as a solution to disagreements.

IBAS – Operations and Process

Before the adjudication panel starts looking into the details of a case, it is confirmed that efforts have been made to solve the dispute prior to engaging the IBAS, and the terms and conditions by the IBAS are completely agreed upon.

Adjudication panel of IBAS do not engage in face to face hearings similar to that in court but submissions from both the side in written format discussing facts is a requirement for the service. Statements and evidence are submitted through an online adjudication form or through a form by post. The adjudication completely depends upon the facts presented before the panel.

Be it cases from stadium or racecourse, betting shop or gaming centers, bingo clubs, gaming operators, the complaints has to pass through the duty manager or the customer support which would convey the same to the area manager or the customer service management department.

Stages of Adjudication Include

  • Firstly, it is made sure that the submission includes details and facts about the transaction that has taken place on an IBS adjudication form or through the official website.
  • Secondly, the operator is contacted with the request to submit written documents and evidence, and other details regarding the terms and conditions of the company.
  • Thirdly, the statements gathered are forward to the independent panel for them to look into it.
  • Fourthly, the lists have given a chance to raise questions for either or both the parties involved in order to reach a conclusion.
  • Fifthly, the written submissions and evidence are considered and reconsidered to conclude and the panel ends the adjudication.
  • Finally, the conclusion is posted to both the parties involved, from where either can claim for reconsideration and review.

Standards upheld by IBAS

It is important to mention that the total value of the amount conceded in the year 2019 is 634426 pounds, and the total request that has been counted for adjudication is 6282. IBAS takes pride in its impartial services provided for years instead of not having a legal background.

Concluding Thoughts

Independent Betting Adjudication Services stands high on the ladder of the gambling dispute resolution industry. It is the easiest way to reach a solution without engaging in complex legal situations that can turn out to be not just exhausting but expensive.