The importance of office decoration & today’s tendencies

Barbas bellfires

Will the impact of the coronavirus be long-lasting, so that many employees will start working from home once it is all said and done?

It is difficult to assess the situation for now. But whether we work at the office or from home, the comfort of our surrounding plays an important part on our level of efficiency and productivity at work.

The Common Areas

One’s office is a very personal place, where we need to feel ourselves in order to give our best. But there are also common areas inside a company which also need to create a sensation of comfort for all. One element that can bring this sensation, which is often forgotten, is the installation of a fireplace.

Winter like summer, there is nothing better than to be hanging around a fireplace. It is proven that it is a calming factor to most people and that it brings tension down; perfect for a work environment. Barbas Bellfires fireplaces offer a large selection of models of wood burning and gas fireplaces which are ideal to create the perfect rest area. They also bring a great energy inside meeting rooms or you can even install one in your home.

Your Office… at the Office

When you decorate an office inside a company, you should focus on warm tones. Keep in mind that you won’t be the only one who will have to live in it. In other words, your colleagues who will visit should not be afraid to step inside.

Minimalism is always a good idea. For example, what you put on your desk should mostly be small decorative items. Keep one frame with a picture you particularly appreciate (or can’t live without), one pencil holder featuring the colors of the rainbow and maybe a small plant since it is also proven to calm people at work.

If there are larger items that you would like to insert, such as flower pots and baskets, make sure to ask those that share the room with you first, if it’s ok to do so. If you find yourself with people that share the same enthusiasm as you in terms of decoration, feel free to share ideas with them and do a shopping night, so you can complete the setting together.

Large pictures or posters on the wall are not the best of ideas. They usually feature a view, others may not share. If you really want to go down that route, talk with your superior first to ask for permission and make sure to identify what the poster will be.

And the One at Home

At home, you can definitely create a room in your image, which includes painting the walls. This year, tendencies are for soft and warm colors as well as a mix of white and gold and natural materials.

Whether you work from home all week or only one day here and there, the goal will still be the same which is to define a special place where you can be more efficient and more focused on work. Whatever you do, keep in mind that it should be a soothing environment, so fill it with soft colors, plants and (why not) sweets. Keep away from everything too flashy; you would just end-up regretting it in the long run.