The biggest trends that are yet to come in the software development industry in 2019

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As long as software development is concerned, breaking things is the order of the day.

The best developers, coders and hackers usually take apart apps to rejuvenate their code bases, rummaging for solutions to make their apps run in the most intelligent and efficient manner.

No matter what, it’s true that in order to shake the software development industry and make software programs and app run at their utmost potential, one has to embrace new development tools. Even if that means adjusting oneself to a brand new programming language, so be it!

If you’re a software developer going through this post, you’ll be happy to know that there are few new trends in software development and companies like 7ninjas that are all set to make your life a lot easier. Take a look at the next big things in this industry.


If you thought bitcoin is just a buzzword, think again! It is a complete financial market that was created overnight. Renowned for its transparency, privacy and security, blockchain despite still being in a nascent stage offers a host of opportunities for the future software developers. In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies will work in tandem to design apps and data which are more intelligent, accurate and secure than the current ones.

Software development driven by AI

For a long time now, Artificial Intelligence has been the holy grail of the world of computing. There will be software solutions that immitate the human brain and AI-driven apps could better tackle complexities and turn information into actionable data just as natural language. In order to make Artificial Intelligence prevalent, organizations like Google build their personal Artificial Intelligence chips to make processing more secure and faster.


Virtualization technology has existed since several years now and with the help of this, the users are able to run servers, operating systems, storage and software even in a virtual environment. This sort of technology is extremely popular within platforms such as VMWare as they are employing it to assist their IT departments to make the most of their hardware and cut down on necessary and vital resources.

Development of User Interface for cross platform

The developers today are asked to perform thrice the total amount of work that they performed earlier to design a single product. A company may have a killer and solid app for iOS but in order to ensure a global reach, the app has to be made appropriate for the web and for Android as well. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Xamarin and Google’s Flutter allows creations of apps and software that utilize APIs, UI libraries and functions specific to operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. With the help of these, developers can design apps that perform well on each noteworthy platform. These UI development tools are not only time-savers but they’re even future-proof.

It can be safely concluded that software development trends for 2019 give us a clear image of a much simplified workflow for the developers. Nevertheless, coding will still require an incredible amount of dedication and talent.