The Best Way to Launch Your New Brokerage in the Seychelles?


The Seychelles authorities do not publish a precise list of retail brokers registered there, as the relative lack of transparency is seen as an attractive feature by those who want to do business there.

Why do we have so many brokers signed up for this? Should you sign up with them?

Mahe island, the capital of Seychelles, has 27,000 people. Population: 100,000. Despite the Seychelles’ opaqueness, 300–400 retail brokers are registered there.

Why do we have so many brokers signed up for this? One of the primary motivating factors is brokers’ ability to sidestep leverage limits set by the most important regulatory countries. In addition, many brokers who want to compete with their counterparts on leverage find the Seychelles FSA’s minimal capital requirements for enterprises setting up shop in the territory to be advantageous.

For European forex brokers catering to retail consumers, MiFID II’s arrival in 2018 brought with it tougher leverage limitations. The default leverage on key currency pairings fell from 100:1 to 30:1. Minor pair leverage and gold leverage were both lowered to 20:1. US (NFA), UK (FCA), Canada (IIROC), Hong Kong (SFC), Singapore (MA), and New Zealand (ASIC) regulators took similar actions.

If your plans are to set up an international business corporation in Seychelles, then follow these simple steps for guaranteed success at the very start!

Seychelles Brokerage Company Incorporation Procedures

A Seychelles Company with a Seychelles broker license can trade securities as a primary (for its own account) or a specialist (for customers). This kind of authorization is often known as a Broker’s License in other countries.

Brokers often choose the Seychelles over other countries for the following reasons.

Less burdensome rules:

  • The Seychelles has loose forex and financial regulation compared to the US, UK, and EU.
  • Low levels of oversight allow brokers to provide services, such as large levels of leverage, that would be illegal in more strictly regulated markets. This jurisdiction allows companies to use whatever leverage they want. The Seychelles is home to brokers offering leverage of up to an eye-popping 1:2000!
  • In certain countries, brokers may be able to lower their compliance expenses and level of scrutiny.

Tax breaks:

  • Seychelles’ corporate tax benefits include a 0% offshore earnings tax rate.
  • Offshore corporations in the Seychelles pay no corporate or withholding taxes.


  • Companies registered in the Seychelles may have their owners and major shareholders remain anonymous.
  • Brokers that value privacy in their business dealings would like this.

Human Capital:

  • A pool of skilled locals who are familiar with foreign exchange brokers.

The Seychelles: Why Go There?

Low taxes, a stable legal system, and a safe community make the Seychelles a good investment.

Consistent economic development in recent years has made Seychelles a formidable participant on the African market. There is a favorable environment for investment because of the country’s forward-thinking investment policies and stable economy.

Seychelles’ tax climate attracts businesses. Seychelles has a flat 25% corporation tax and a progressive 0% personal income tax. Multinational corporations are drawn to Seychelles by its double taxation avoidance treaties.

Even without tax incentives, Seychelles’ jurisdiction is business-friendly. A brokerage can be registered and operated under several regulatory frameworks. Many organizational frameworks make brokering easier.

Seychelles offers economic, jurisdictional, and social stability. Company owners are reassured by the country’s political stability. Thus, brokerages and other businesses have flourished in Seychelles.

Finally, Seychelles’ beautiful scenery, warm culture, and strategic location in the Indian Ocean make it a great place to start a brokerage firm.

Seychelles’ reputation for business friendliness makes opening a brokerage easy. Fintech Harbor provides effective global business solutions to financial technology companies. It is essential, to begin with an awareness of the local regulatory structure. The Seychelles Financial Services Authority regulates the financial sector and ensures compliance. If you know the licensing and legal requirements, this process should be easier.