The Benefits of a lightweight conservatory roof

A lightweight conservatory roof is a great addition to any home, adding value, space and flexibility to the building.

However, they have no problems. The most common complaint of conservatory owners is the difficulty of controlling temperatures. Warm summers and cold winters can usually increase your energy bills during the colder months and make you feel sauna on hot summer days. Happily, help is at hand. In this post, we look at the many benefits of a lightweight conservatory roof. Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement is an easy solution to turn your problematic conservatory into a comfortable part of your home year-round.

Enjoy your Conservatory, all through the year

Switching from your old polycarbonate roof to a corrugated roof will allow you to use your conservatory throughout the season. A lightweight conservatory roof replacement can be re-installed in your existing frame. They have an amazing U of only 0.18 which means very little heat loss and you will not need to turn the thermostat up if you want to enjoy your storage space.

Reduced Energy Credits and Better Environmental Options

In a typical home, 25% of all heat loss goes through the roof, even in areas with good temperatures. In the conservatory, this figure is much higher. The standard polycarbonate roof, found in most conservatories, does not work when it comes to heat insulation. As we all know, the temperature rises so when you heat the heat storage area a lot of heat comes out of the roof.

Replacement of a tiled conservatory roof has a much lower U-Value. U-Value measures the amount of heat lost per building – U-Value is low, low heat is lost. When more heat is stored, less energy is needed to heat your home. This means lower costs, and reduces your impact on the environment. You can click here for more information.

No More Extreme Heat in Summer

One of the major advantages of a lightweight conservatory roof is its ability to moderate summer temperatures. The polycarbonate roof allows the sun to penetrate the environment which can cause unbearable heat. A lightweight conservatory roof does not allow the sun to create an equal and pleasant temperature.

Very Less noise

Spending time at your conservatory when it is raining is usually not pleasant because of the noise. Even a little rain can feel like a marching band on your lightweight conservatory roof. If you want to relax it is the last thing you want. Or a flexible roof over your house can absorb as much sound as the roof of your house. You will not have to back down when the heavens open.