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Wedding photography

There’s no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your entire life.

Just like you would do with any memorable moment of your life, the wedding day should also be preserved to cherish forever.

You can guess why the task of capturing the big day is so important and that’s why the responsibility falls on the professional wedding photographers.

And let’s be honest, if you are reading this, your wedding is right around the corner or you are thinking of tying the knots pretty soon. So, you came here for the suggestion and that’s what you are gonna get. That being said, here are the best of the Ten Best Wedding Photographers that you can book for your wedding day. Please note that this list is not ranked. Each one of them is unique with their work and we respect their view. That’s why the list won’t be in any particular order.

Now, to the amazing photographers –

Freckle Photography

Style – Contemporary

Emma Latham does her magic his camera and crew. From the smallest gag to you big “I do”, she won’t miss a thing. Trust me, you won’t get bored looking at your album down the road.

Other contemporary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Alex Beckett Style – Contemporary

The Crawleys

Style – Reportage

No one knows better how to portray each and every character in a room than Liam & Bee Crawley. From your guests’ uniqueness to those crazy dance moves on the floor, they will snap it all.

Other Reportage style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Voyteck Style – Reportage

Jonny Draper

Style – Contemporary

Jonny Draper is as passionate as he is skilled with the camera. His contemporary style photography will keep impressing you, even after years of your marriage, be that with his jolly photographs or those picture-perfect framing.

Other contemporary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Enchanted Brides Style – Contemporary

Alan Law

Style – Documentary

Alan Law is one of those photographers who like to collect things documentary style. So, from the moment you arrive till you hop on the “just married” vehicle, he will document them all.

Other documentary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

David Pullum Photography Style – Documentary

Chris Barber Photography

Style – Alternative

Not a fan of those cliché wedding photos? Well, you have plenty of other options – the alternative style wedding shoot is one of them.

Chris Barber Photography doesn’t only capture the moments, they also ensure the emotions, the happiness, the joy and the content of being with your loved ones.

Other alternative style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Andy Turner Photography Style – Alternative

Marianne Chua

Style – Funtojournalism

Fun with extraordinary photojournalism skills, that’s what Funtojournalism is about. Marianne Chua basically captures all those moments that you want to capture but in a fun way. Your memories might faint but her photos will never allow you to forget how fun and exciting the day was.

Jessica Raphael

Style – Contemporary

Jessica has her own artistic way to capture moments. Her photos are like storybooks. Every frame has its own story and Jessica knows how to tell it the best way possible.

Other contemporary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Frances Sales, Style – Contemporary

Kristian Leven Photography

Style – Documentary

The glorious Wedding Industry Award is one of many pay offs for the incredible work done by Kristen Leven. Just a quick glance at Kristen’s wedding photos will jog your memory like it was yesterday – that’s the beauty of Kristen’s photographic documentation.

Other documentary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Red on Blonde Photography, Style – Documentary

Photographs by Eve

Style – Photojournalism

Photojournalism is at its best when Eve is on the operating end of the camera. Her photos speak for themselves and you’d never grow tired of listening to them.

Sanshine Photography

Style – Contemporary

San’s approach to the wedding album is extremely emotion-centric. Each of the photos will either fill you joy of that day or the excitement of the beginning of a new part of your life. So, even after years of that special, you’ll feel the same emotions that you had felt that day.

Other contemporary style wedding photographers that you might want to check out –

Umbrella Studio, Style – Contemporary

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

In the last part, I introduced you some of the best wedding photographers in the UK. While that was insightful, for some – things might have been a bit confusing with all the choices. So, to make choosing a good wedding photographer easy for you, here’s a brief guide –

There are three steps to choose an appropriate wedding photographer for that auspicious day. They are –

  1. Style
  2. Sample
  3. Set

I call it the process of 3S or SSS


The first step towards choosing the right photographer is to pick a style of photography that you like. If you like contemporary wedding photo albums, contact with wedding photographers who excel at it. Don’t ask a documentary-style lover to shoot the wedding in his non-traditional contemporary style. The end result might not impress you. Same goes for all photography style. Once you figured out what style you prefer, you will be able to shortlist the photographers of that style.


The next step is to see the sample. Ask the wedding photophores or studios in your shortlist for their work samples or portfolio. After you see the samples, you can decide whether their photo vibes meet your expectation or not. Then you can further shortlist from your favorite photographers.


The last step is to set your goal. Even though the shortlisted photographer has a generic style that he/she feels comfortable with, you can ask for some minor adjustments to their vision. This way, you get a wedding photo album that’s their style and close your heart. Whoever understands your preset goals and vision the best – is the right guy for you. That’s how you book a fabulous wedding photographer for your special day.

Photo by Daniel Suarez Photography on Unsplash