Technological advancements that have been game changers in esports betting


It is not possible to deny the role that technological innovations have played in the field of esports betting.

There have been numerous-game-changers in the industry and we will discuss some of the most significant ones below.

Live Betting

One of the areas where technology has made a huge impact on the esports betting world is how players get to interact with their favorite team or players. Gone are the days when fans had to rely on contemporary viewing methods. Today, virtual sports betting is on the rise something that fans all over the globe have grown to love. Developers introduced live in-play markers that allow fans to use mobile apps to place bets live as the action is going on. Fans can use apps to explore new phenomena such as matched betting which makes it possible to use tools that can help with risk-free sports betting. Additionally, fans can now brace advancements like live in-play betting to place bets live on different creative markets. This led to the creation of more engaged fans who love placing their bets as the action is going on. Many agree that it makes them feel as though they are part of the action.

Mobile Betting

The fact that sports lovers can use their mobile phones to place wagers anytime anywhere is something that created waves in the industry. When using a gambling platform you do not have to look for your computer or laptop anytime you want to place a bet. All you have to do is use your mobile phone to access the site and you are good to go. You will not only use your phone to place wagers, but you can also use the mobile device to ask for payouts and load your gambling wallet among many other activities. This led companies like esports bets to create functional and sophisticated apps as a means of optimizing their sites to become more mobile-friendly. This is a move that helped to create a seamless betting experience as fans can now use their preferred mobile device to place wagers without any complications.

Blockchain Currency

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has continued to rise steadily since they were introduced to the market years ago. As you may have observed several esports betting platforms are already giving clients the option of using cryptocurrency if they want. In the next ten years, blockchain technology may have a huge impact on sports betting. This is because the blockchain system already incorporates well with the betting industry. The system holds records of games, their results, bets, winning amount, and what has been paid out. With this, gamblers can check out their transactions to always be in the know of what is going on. This implies that blockchain offers both convenience and transparency that sports fans crave.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR must also feature on the list of innovations that have affected the esports betting world. This came in to allow gamblers to bet on virtual games. The technology allows fans to use virtual reality headsets to watch numerous fantasy games like baseball, football, golf, and hockey. VR technology has also extended a lot of freedom to bookmakers. The professionals can use it to organize the virtual tournaments that have revised regulations. Punters enjoy this because it gives games that extra tick in regards to graphics. In the future, VR technology will provide more immersive experience when it comes to sports events. Novices will enjoy this because they can bet on any virtual game without past awareness of players or games.

Secured Payments

Esports betting would probably not exist if industry players did not play their part in securing payment methods. No sports enthusiasts would want to engage in betting activities that would end up compromising their personal or financial details. To this end, sports betting sites now heavily invest in the latest technologies that help to secure data and payments. This includes data encryption which encodes data making it hard for 3rd parties to translate. The sites also use tokenization to swap sensitive data with tokens to protect it from harmful parties while storing it in its original state.

Jurisdiction Free Betting

Over the years, the sports betting industry has been forced to undergo numerous legal hurdles. Advancement of technology has enticed governments to legalize betting even where it was illegal for the longest time. Governments have realized that when it is done right, sports betting can be a source of revenue for individuals and countries as well.

Looking at most of the technological advancements, it is easy to tell that they are designed to offer gamblers more control. This helps bettors to adjust different things to have a pleasant betting experience. Gamblers can only wait and see the next technological advancements that will have a great impact on the sports betting world.