Take your online hobby to the next level

online writing

Are you one of many with a little bit of extra free time on your hands at the moment? If so, why not try to take your website or blog to the next level?

Learning something new or refining your skills is never a bad idea. Who knows, maybe it will spark an interest to make this more than just a hobby?

Where do you start?

There are many ways to improve a blog or a website, it all depends on where you are now. How does your website look? Is it easy to navigate? Is it possible for people to comment or get a hold of you? A functional website is a good website. Maybe take a look on other fellow bloggers or site owners and ask yourself the question: if i’m browsing the web, which website is more appealing, mine or one of the others in the same segment?

If the answer is not your website, it’s time to improve it. Since people quickly can decide whether they like something or not, you need to be able to grab their attention. You don’t have to be too bold. Think of yourself as a user and make your own site worth the click. Sometimes a switch of a theme, or changing some colors can do the trick. Other times you might need to rethink you whole design. It all depends on where you stand now.

Content is king

Once you have the attention of your crowd you need to be able to offer them something. Whether that’s a cool product or a piece of interesting content is up to you.

Whatever your choice is, it’s going to require some good writing. Products need unique descriptions and stories need good writing skills, and preferably a lot of text. Since Google favours juicy high quality content, it’s not a bad idea to put a lot of effort here. You want to make the stay worth it for your visitors!

If you are a good writer yourself, it’s time to get to work! If you need inspiration, you have the world at your fingertips. The internet is full of both inspiration and information. If you do a good enough job, someone might find their way to your site for inspiration some day.

If you run a large website, or simply want to put your time into something else, like design, outsourcing the writing might be a good idea. To help ease the burden you can order content online and put your efforts elsewhere. Services like Topcontent also offers translation services and even opportunities for signing up as a freelance writer.

What now?

You’ve redone your design and improved your content, are you done now? It all depends on how you see it. If this is supposed to stay on a hobby level, this might be just what you needed. If you are planning on taking your website to the next level, there are more stuff to do.

SEO is an example of something that can help your website to really take off. SEO or Search engine optimization is getting more and more common which can make it harder for non-optimized websites to show up in Google’s search results. Do some reading and see how you can improve your websites in terms of SEO. Also, since content is king, why not write about your journey and inspire others?