Six steps to take to becoming an eco-friendly business

green business

Having your business shift to eco-friendly options is not only the latest trend all over the world — it’s also the right thing to do for the environment.

The impact small changes can make will eventually lead to less waste in landfills, which in turn will help reduce the CO2 production and slow down global warming.

Shifting towards eco-friendly business practices isn’t as difficult as it may sound at first. Small steps in the right direction will help you and your employees smoothly transition from traditional office supplies and workspace habits to sustainable ones that will help make the environment cleaner and save you money in the long run.

Using modern gadgets to reduce waste

You could save both the environment and some money towards recurring bills if you make small changes around the office and install modern gadgets. Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from installing motion sensor lights in the areas that aren’t used frequently and don’t need to be illuminated the whole time. The motion sensor will detect when someone is using the space and will turn the light on and off accordingly. These lights usually are very durable as well, so you won’t need to change them often.

To avoid water waste, you can install motion sensor faucets in the bathroom and in the kitchen that will also regulate the flow of water. You can take this a step further and have a filtration system installed that will clean the water that is coming from the sinks and further use it to water the plants. To avoid using paper towels for drying the hands, you can instal a hand dryer. There are even eco-friendly flooring options available as well. There are many options available nowadays that will not only save you resources but won’t dry out the skin as well.

Purchasing second-hand office furniture

Second-hand furniture doesn’t have to be outdated and unstylish. With a little bit of investment and creativity, you can reuse old furniture and make your office space look modern and unlike any other office in town.

If you’re not up for working on the refurbishment yourself, you can always hire a professional that will take the task and create unique furniture out of the well-used one. Besides the uniqueness of having custom furniture, you will also protect the environment from additional waste.

Reusable office supplies and stationery

Office supplies waste mounts up so fast that it can be hard to keep track of it. To ensure that your business is following eco-friendly practices, consider investing in personal small whiteboards for every employee that will replace the post-it notes. Instead of buying endless pens, you can only buy the replacement ink and use the same pens until they haven’t worn out.

Avoid printing unless necessary. If your business requires that your employees spend a lot of time reading, you can invest in reading tablets that are mobile and can be used to read documents and paperwork, and to take down notes. You can also recycle the materials you no longer need, such as print cartridges.

Opt for green web hosting instead of a traditional one

Green web hosting means that the servers used to provide the hosting of the websites are powered by green and renewable energy. This type of hosting is as reliable as the traditional one but is cheaper because it costs less to keep them up and running.

Reduce plastic waste in the office kitchen

Plastic is the killer of the oceans — especially the disposable one. Instead of buying endless plastic cutlery, cups and plates, opt to invest in reusable glassware and a dishwasher. If your company is small, you can ask your team to wash the cups after every use and have the kitchen space clean from dinnerware.

Add plants to your workspace

Having plants in your office will make the air quality better and will affect the mood of your team positively. Being in nature reduces stress, and having nature inside your office will help create a secure environment where everyone will feel free to speak out their ideas and thrive.


There are many eco-friendly options that you can incorporate into your daily work routine, but it’s best to start step by step and give your employees time to adjust to the new habits. Before shifting to the eco-friendly business model, make sure to have someone of your teammates go over the stationary and other office supplies everyone is using, and then once you move to a greener option you can compare how much you have saved.