Scantron Ltd revolutionises defect detection with Proscan DDMS

In the world of manufacturing, detecting surface defects is becoming increasingly important and can be costly if any defects are overlooked.

Proscan DDMS from Scantron LTD is revolutionising the way companies identify surface defects with an added benefit of AI that actually detects systemic defect patterns.

Whether in the automotive, metal or steel, or perhaps more importantly, the Aerospace and Nuclear Defence industries, identifying issues with surfaces that could cause millions in losses is absolutely crucial.

Implementing an effective defect detection and measurement system (also called DDMS) can increase productivity and cut the costs on the production line simply by automatically detecting defects and imperfections on the surface of parts.

Where there is mass production, such as in the automotive space, gathering extensive data on defects by utilising a DDMS can allow the user to spot patterns in which defects occur giving opportunity to eradicate the issue. Naturally, having this process monitored by human control is a significantly arduous and less accurate process – this is why many companies are turning to the Proscan DDMS from Scantron LTD.

Proscan DDMS covers the entire lifecycle of defect detection

Proscan non contact measurement system is equipped with an incredible, high resolution camera which is mounted alongside a displacement sensor which in turn is on a carrier which means that these garner impeccable accuracy.

Proscan comes with a simple 5 step process – let’s take a look at these areas that the DDMS covers:


With the aforementioned ultra-high definition camera, surfaces are scanned in their entirety. This allows the camera to fundamentally take extensive imagery that can identify defects and their positions.


Incredible, state of the art artificial intelligence software will then thoroughly examine all of the defects detected and then categorise them in user define categories. This is particularly useful to ensure that data on defects can be grouped in order to find effective solutions.


Here, Proscan will actively measure the defects and pit them against pre-defined tolerance limits to see whether or not the defect needs to be addressed or not. It’s important to note that no all defects are required to be addressed if they’re deemed un-notable by the user.


Proscan is so powerful that it can discover what it deems to be a defect as small as a few microns in size. However, the system can also be taught to ignore certain elements such as dust particles, or defects that are too small to be of interest.


Once all defects have been identified effectively and within user-controlled parameters, the user can then take steps on eradicating the issues that the system has identified should be addressed.

In short, Proscan is extremely valuable 

With its revolutionary software and unfathomable accuracy, all companies that require their parts and surfaces to go out without error should be looking at Proscan DDMS as a vital addition to their business model.

In a world where consumer demand is constantly growing along with expectations of product quality, can companies really even afford not to have the kind of technology that Proscan DDMS offers?