Say Hello To Veri Network, A New Digital Marketing Platform

Veri Network, a digital marketing platform that aims to couple companies with leading British web design agencies, has just been launched.

The network is focussed on the business needs of enterprises in all sectors when it comes to the often tricky question of how they can best market themselves online. In the digital age, there are still large numbers of UK-based SMEs and even larger corporates which do not have the in-house know-how to run successful online marketing campaigns, to develop their own websites properly or to optimise their online presence for search engines.

This is where Veri Network will fulfil a palpable gap in the marketplace. Rather than promoting itself as a digital marketing agency, Veri Network is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is a network of some of the best digital agencies, web designers and SEO experts in the country which business owners and marketing managers can verify with ease to determine which ones will be best suited to their requirements.

In short, a verifiable network of digital marketing experts is the whole concept behind Veri Network. Leading digital marketing firms which have a proven track record of boosting online presence, driving sales and augmenting brand awareness have already signed up to the concept. Tori Web Design, Bird Marketing and Method Digital are just three of the names that it is possible to explore and compare through the network.

A spokesperson for Veri Network said: “The UK is home to thousands of web design agencies, with London widely regarded as Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley. We have reviewed the leading digital marketing agencies across the country and published our findings. This now means that it is child’s play to discover some of the best affiliate web designers in the country as a whole.”

Of course, anyone who is looking for help with their digital marketing strategies can contact an agency directly. However, one of the key selling points of the newly announced network is that it will take out much of the hassle associated with the process of appointing a digital marketing firm. To begin with, Veri Network makes use of a convenient, single contact form. All that is needed is to fill it in and all of the agencies who are affiliated with the network will be notified and respond. Anyone seeking a quotation for an SEO campaign or a website redesign, for example, can now obtain multiple pricing options from high-quality agencies by simply filling out one digital form online.

Veri Network has researched many web designers around the UK so it is in a position to publish reviews of the ten best ones. The detailed reviews on offer allow marketing professionals to make an informed decision about which of them is likely to be the best fit for their organisation and deliver the right sort of results. Although Veri Network is a start-up, its offering is truly unique in the British digital marketing landscape. As such, it looks set for some remarkable success in the years ahead as more and more commerce continues to be carried out online each year in almost every sector of the economy.