Salvia Divinorum: if you want to experience a real ritualistic effect

Woman controls marijuana plants

Drugs come in many shapes and sizes, made by humans or by Mother Nature. Drugs have been around since the very start of our civilizations. Ranging from different types of leaves to mushrooms and berries.

Nowadays, drugs come in many shapes and sizes and can be found across the globe. If you are interested in drugs, there are many options out there that could suit your needs. However, non comes close to the experience that Salvia Divinorum will provide you.

What makes this drug so special?

The use of Salvia Divinorum has been widely spread in South America, where it originates. The plant is especially popular among rituals that take place to get in contact with ancestors. This ritual has been around for centuries and is still being practiced by local shamans. There are many ways how you can experience this plant, but the best way is to experience it the local way.

How does it work?

You can purchase the leaves of the plant through the Internet. The leaves are dried and can be consumed in both a drink and as food. With the latter option, you will have a harder time. The leaves are quite chewy making it hard to eat them. Therefore, the best option that you can consider is using it in a drink. This is also the traditional way. Local shamans would squeeze all of the juice out of the leaves, which is an intensive process. Once done, your drink is ready for consumption. Be prepared: both ways of consumption come with an unpleasant and bitter taste.

Effects from Salvia Divinorum

The leaves are known you to get you into contact with ancestors for a reason. The leaves are known to cause hallucinations. Depending on the dose and your body the effects of the hallucinations will differ. If you are interested in experimenting with these leaves, make sure you are prepared by reading about it on the Internet and informing your trip sitter (see below) accordingly.

Get a trip sitter

When you want to try new types of drugs such as these leaves, it is good to have a trip sitter. The trip sitter will be able to have an overview what is happening and can keep you safe. This is a pleasant situation, as it can prevent you from having a bad trip. One benefit is the fact that you (sometimes even unconsciously) feel more at ease as you know the trip sitter is present. When you do experience a bad trip or negative feelings, the trip sitter can help you out and put you at ease.

Purchasing the leaves online

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