Reasons to cruise on your next vacation


Heading out on your next vacation? Cruising is fast gaining popularity, with almost everyone across all walks of life wanting to have the experience .

Whether you’re travelling as a group to save money, sailing solo or just with your loved ones, we all want that life-at-sea experience!

Forget about seasickness or claustrophobia, most cruises from Southampton around Europe will give you an experience like never before. If you want to cruise one day, here are the main reasons why your next vacation should be on a cruise ship:

Great Value

When you go for inland vacations, you pay transportation costs and accommodation separately. However, this is the opposite of what cruisers do. Once you’ve paid your fare, it’s like you’ve already paid for everything. You’ll be on the move from one coastal city to another while getting the best food and entertainment at no extra cost. Moreover, if you are a family with young kids then it’s likely that the little ones will be able to travel at amazing discounts, making this the perfect way to visit all those places you’ve always wanted to go with the chance to eat breakfast in a new port of call every day!

Meet new people

One of the big draws of a cruise is that it gives all the family a chance to mingle with new people from all walks of life from around the world. When onboard, you’ll meet all sorts of cruisers from old millionaires to fresh-faced toddlers. What’s more, on many ships, guests of all ages have their own dedicated spaces to hangout. While children can play at the kid’s club and teens can relax in their own basement-style area, the adults can head to the bars and lounges! It’s guaranteed that by the end of the trip, you’ll have made lots of amazing new friends to stay in contact with. 


Whether you’re looking for a more private holiday or a livelier atmosphere, worry not as there are a variety of ships to choose from, ranging from small-sized to extra-large. If you are looking for a peaceful ambience to escape your stresses, then you’ll surely get it. Moreover, almost every cruise ship is filled with lots of entertainment and recreation spots that you wouldn’t get on an ordinary vacation. Why not spend time at the casino or head to the spa for a luxurious massage? Meanwhile, the whole family can get stuck into cruise ship life by the pool. Simply unpack and let the fun begin!


It’s good to remember that you’ll be moving from city to city in just one holiday meaning you don’t need to worry about normal holiday stresses like connecting planes and checking into your hotel. All you have to do is secure the right number of cabin and get ready to enjoy life onboard for the following weeks. This is especially convenient if you are travelling in a large group as you can avoid the hassle of travelling to your destination. Cruise the oceans in adjacent cabins and feel more like home! Plus, the more cabins you reserve, the higher the odds of having bigger perks.

 What if you get stuck in the middle of the sea?

While it’s unlikely that anything happens, if you are forced to stay at sea for longer than expected then there’s no need to worry (you might even wish you could stay forever!) Modern-day cruises are like moving cities with almost everything you could want onboard. From restaurants to swimming pools, wifi and live entertainment, everything you need for a good time is right at your fingertips.