QNET Promotes Legitimacy in Gambia

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QNET has been combating recent false allegations about its legitimacy and legality, as widespread social media posts have identified the company as a pyramid scheme.

To help overcome these misconceptions, the Network of Finance and Tax Committee (NFTC) hosted a daylong meeting for members of the Gambia press on Sunday, January 10.

Abdoullahi Nyocke, president of the Network of Finance and Tax Reporters (NFTR), hosted the event. According to Nyocke, the goal of NFTR is to “show that there is fair play between the business community and the government” and to “educate and sensitize the public on the importance of [paying] taxes to the government.”

About QNET

QNET is a global e-commerce-based, direct-selling company that provides customers worldwide with unique, high-quality products and services while allowing them to build a sales-based business by promoting these products. Its range of merchandise includes products for holidays, wellness products, watches and jewelry, home and living goods, educational items, health and personal care products, and technology.

Established in 1998 in Hong Kong by Malaysian entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran, QNET has grown immensely, and today, it is a multi-level marketing company owned by the QI Group. The company has independent representatives (IRs) in more than 100 countries, including Ghana, and distribution routes established across the Middle East, South and East Asia, Africa, Central Asia, and Europe.

For the past 25 years, the company has been delivering goods and services while promoting socioeconomic development worldwide. However, over the past few years, QNET has garnered negative attention, resulting from misconceptions about its structure, specifically in Ghana. Although QNET does not have an office in Ghana, it does permit IRs to operate in the country.

Roundtable Discussion About QNET

The mission of the recent roundtable discussion with the Gambian media was to share ideas and gather observations. Nyocke stated at the meeting, “I do not doubt that the journalists present here today will be equipped with much-needed information, as the objective of this media engagement is to dismiss misinformation on social media.” The goal of the event was to clear up skepticism and rumors about QNET’s operations.

Biram Faal, regional general manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, began the event by sharing the history and contributions of QNET with audience members. He disclosed that QNET’s “strength lies in its diversity.”

In his introduction, Faal identified QNET as a “truly global direct-selling company with a proud Asian heritage” that is “part of a $180.6 billion global direct-selling industry.” Not only does the company provide job opportunities, but it also provides the tools needed for IRs to be successful.

QNET provides:

  • Multilingual business tools and marketing materials.
  • Exclusive, life-enhancing products developed by reputable international experts.
  • Social media resources.
  • Multilingual customer support.
  • A mobile business app.
  • Sales rewards and incentives.
  • Training programs (online and offline) designed to educate IRs about business fundamentals, product sales, leadership, professional marketing, and personal development.

According to QNET’s website:

Independent representatives have the opportunity to earn a retail profit commission by selling the products they love to others whom they know will benefit from using them. It is a common myth that people can only make money by recruiting others to become IRs of QNET. When you or your team members sell products that other customers like to use, such as our homecare, nutrition, or personal care products, you earn a retail profit from these sales.

The company offers various ways for IRs to earn a profit:

  • Retail profit: IRs can sell QNET products to customers and earn the difference between the retail price and the IRdiscounted price.
  • Step commission: IRs can earn weekly sales commissions from the sales they and their team generate. Commission amount per step is determined by active pay rank.
  • Early payout: New IRs who achieve the required business volume (BV) in sales in the first four weeks of employment can earn their first step commission sooner than others.
  • Repeat sales commission: IRs can earn repeat sales points (RSP) by selling products to retail customers and themselves. Or they can earn RSP from sales of their downlines up to 10 levels.
  • Monthly rank: Advancing and maintaining ranks qualifies IRs for higher commission rates, onstage recognition, exclusive travel incentives, and more.
  • Rank maintenance bonus: If IRs maintain Diamond or Blue Diamond Star pay ranks for six consecutive months, they can receive more cash bonuses.
  • Year-round incentives: IRs can earn rewards, points, and bonuses tied to regular product promotions and cash

Additionally, Faal spoke about the difference between QNET, a direct-selling platform, and a pyramid scheme. He pointed out QNET’s direct-selling platform features, such as high-quality, legitimate products and services; comprehensive compensation plans; established policies and procedures; and a clear code of ethics.

 QNET Contributions Around the World

Not only did the panel defend QNET’s business model, but it also praised the company for its contributions around the world.

QNET has brought an opportunity to otherwise underserved countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Cameroon, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Chad. The RYTHM Foundation – QI’s social impact initiative that invests in the communities where it operates – currently supports four active projects in the Sub-Saharan Africa region in Senegal, Ghana, and Tanzania. Faal explained that “these projects support learning and literacy programs for children and sustainable agriculture and fund awareness programs about the health risks of female genital mutilation.”

In addition, QNET has made great efforts to support various sports teams in those countries. QNET is the direct-selling partner of the Manchester City football club; has supported hockey, football, and Formula One teams; has partnered with badminton and tennis events; has supported individuals in mountaineering, martial arts, and motorsports; and is the direct-selling partner of CAF. According to Faal, QNET has “supported different types of sports throughout the years, not just because it helps us share our brand with a wider audience but also because we recognize the similarities between sports and entrepreneurship. Hard work, commitment, teamwork, and focus… are the traits one needs to succeed in both business and sports.”

Changing Perceptions

The roundtable discussion helped clarify misconceptions and rumors while re-engaging the media and public in Ghana. Only through honest and transparent communication can QNET continue to make the same dramatic level of impact as it has done for years. With the support of local communities across Africa, QNET can provide business and financial opportunities otherwise unavailable to those people and contribute to education, gender equality, and sustainable community development to promote a better future for younger generations.

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