PureVPN: 16 years of cybersecurity excellence, now 4x more secure

Cyber security experts today urged UK organisations to prepare for an extended period of heightened threat in relation to the Russia-Ukraine conflict as they published new guidance aimed at supporting staff resilience.

There is a cyberattack every 39 seconds, coming to an average of 2,200 cyberattacks per day.

This is according to statistics collected by Security magazine, which shed light on the persistent threat of cybersecurity attacks, underscoring the alarming potential for data breaches and vulnerabilities in our digital presence. Cybercriminals are growing more cunning by the day and cyberthreats are looming around every corner, and it’s time to take control.

That’s where PureVPN (the trailblazing virtual network provider) steps in, empowering users with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

PureVPN has stayed ahead of the curve with its technological prowess. To celebrate 16 years of excellence and continue its journey of technological innovativeness, it has launched PureMax. PureMax is a cutting-edge suite of cybersecurity solutions that provides users with unmatched protection on all fronts, creating a digital landscape that is 4x more secure.

PureVPN is currently providing an incredible discount of up to 79% off PureMax, coupled with an additional 4 months of service.

Uzair Gadit, the visionary co-founder and CEO of PureSquare, the parent company of PureVPN, reaffirmed the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled privacy and security to customers. He stated, “With the introduction of PureMax, we are taking a significant leap forward in our mission to provide our customers with the highest standards of privacy and security. This is just the beginning of our continuous efforts to create a holistic cybersecurity solution that meets the evolving needs of our users.”

PureMax revolutionizes and redefines digital protection by offering access to four groundbreaking tools:

  • PureVPN, a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that enables users to effortlessly bypass regional restrictions and experience total anonymity along with complete privacy.
  • PureVPN, a top-tier tool that effortlessly generates and manages meticulously-crafted passwords for a diverse range of online platforms, setting a new standard in password security.
  • PureEncrypt, the epitome of secure storage services, where user data is encrypted to guarantee its utmost safety and security around the clock.
  • PurePrivacy, the ultimate all-in-one solution that empowers users to regain control over their online privacy, providing comprehensive protection against data tracking and intrusive targeted ads.

With a colossal user base of over 3 million satisfied customers worldwide, PureVPN has revolutionized the digital security game with groundbreaking features like Domain Fronting, lightning-fast protocols like WireGuard and Proxy, a strict no-log policy, extensive platform support, and protection against ISP throttling across major platforms.

So, why settle for mediocrity in the digital world when you can have PureVPN?

Embark on a thrilling and secure digital journey, where your privacy and protection come first with PureMax.

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