Profitfx Launches Trading Website for Socially Conscious Investors

Profitfx announces the launch of a new trading website for anyone wanting to invest in the stock market.

Profitfx’s goal with this new trading website is to give any investor more ability to gain a great profit from numerous assets. Early users are giving great reviews on the experience they are having with the platform.

17 January 2022

ProfitFX, one of the best trading platform providers, has introduced a new trading website for anyone interested in trading on the stock market. Their new trading platform allows anyone to invest and keep their trading portfolios in line with their values, an asset to be able to keep gains and losses within desirable margins. The benefit of their new platform is the ability to give anyone much more control over their assets and increase returns on investments.

“We have found Profitfx to be a necessary website to trade and manage assets in even the most complex scenarios for any investor. We are at the forefront of a new generation of investors; a generation where investing is value-based. Profitfx enables investors to develop their own conscious investment plan based on their personal values, ensuring accountability and transparency,” said Frank Walters, the Marketing Director of Profitfx. According to him, the company consulted with renowned professionals in the financial, investment banking, legal, and IT field to guarantee that the platform is sophisticated enough to meet investors’ needs, while being fully responsive to the investor.

The Profitfx Trading Platform introduced various features to its repertoire for any investor to be fully in control. These features include a fully interactive interface with protection against scams or hacking, a negative balance protection system, advanced analysis tools, market reviews, different financial researches, and a long-term financial planner. As an action to be more globally accessible, the platform supports ten (10) languages. In addition, the platform has made accessible various asset trading possibilities including: fiat and cryptocurrency pairs, indices, commodities, and stocks. Top it all off, the platform offers a zero-commision service so that even new traders can be at ease when making investments.

It will be hard to find any other trading platform that offers all the services that Profitfx has. In the words of Profitfx’s CTO, Carlos Morton, “We are always one step ahead of our competitors, allowing investors, new and old, to easily change the positions of their portfolio in accordance with what is most important to them, what we are really proud of.” He stated that the company would continue to invest in improving the platform with new features for the overall benefit of its users.

Want to try out the platform and harness the features? Investors can register on the website via the website address below. Feel free to also post your Profitfx Review online.

ProfitFX is a top-tier platform for trading over three thousand digital currencies, including stock, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and currency pairs. The platform has advanced trading features users can harness better work through the stock market and decide on what to do with their assets. The company’s platform is for everyone, from old experienced investors to new and young investors.