Perfect Your Trading launches brand new Currency Strength Meter

Perfect Your Trading, a premier trader support platform, is expanding its information and trading guides section and is launching a new currency strength meter.

A Currency Strength Meter is an indicative chart showcasing the strength of a specific currency compared to other currencies. The information of the currency strength meter on its own is not sufficient for ensuring a successful trading strategy. However, it is a great support tool for traders to back their trading strategies.

A currency strength meter uses live exchange rates to calculate the cumulative rates and their strength against other currencies. The tool uses rates data and applies a formula or algorithm on the past 24 hours to estimate total power and pools all currency pairs linked with a currency. The result of these computations is shown as a chart to help traders in deciding how to trade.

Like the one Perfect Your Trading is launching, high-quality currency meters use real-time currency data and further analyse it by applying economic indicators to this data to predict the currency pair movements. It does this by using financial information and applying algorithms to predict future currency strength after factoring in economic performance and activity. The combination of information makes the currency strength meter more effective in predicting future price trends.

Our team at Perfect Your Trading believes that by combining quality content, smart tech and great instructors, we can increase the likelihood of students achieving their goals.”

— Shakur Abdirahman, CEO

Most forex traders focus on figuring out the trend in which a currency set will move in. They usually have problems doing so. Having a currency strength meter effectively forecasts currency trends to use in forex trading strategy, and it helps traders as it lets their fundamental analysis be more informed.

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The currency strength meter will help identify the most robust trend and let traders know which currency pair is the strongest and the weakest. If traders need to trade-in price ranges, they can use the currency strength meter to identify suitable fields for currency pairs. The Perfect Your Trading currency strength meter will be helpful in effective forex trading regardless of the trading techniques that the traders apply to their trades.

For traders that trade with the market trends, the currency strength meter will help them identify the strongest trends and the currency pair that is the strongest and the weakest.

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