PDFelement 8 for Mac: A honest review

PDFs are an increasingly used type of electronic document and today they practically replace old sheets of paper. To do this, be it for work, school or even daily life, you need a program that allows you to easily create, edit and convert pdf.

Among all those present, PDFelement for Mac is one of the best applications to create and edit these files. In today’s article we will see the advantages of this program and why it is among the most chosen solutions by companies and professionals.

Although there are many converters that allow you to work with PDF files online, a dedicated program is much more reliable and secure than a website. In these, in fact, in addition to being harassed by advertising and having dozens of pages that open themselves, just one wrong click or a little carelessness that one runs the risk of catching a malware or virus, or giving access to sensitive data to third parties.

What is PDFelement

If you are looking for reliable and versatile software, PDFelement is a PDF editing program available for free (and paid) for both Mac and Windows and even iOS. Developed by Wondershare, it is a really powerful tool with which in addition to editing, you can create and convert PDF documents to other formats such as Word, Powerpoint, Pages and many others.

On Mac it’s really cool: it has an intuitive and simple interface that allows you to create and make any changes you want to your documents, or convert files to other formats in seconds.

From simply editing text to adding or removing images, PDFelement for Mac has a number of unique advanced features that allow you to work with PDF files professionally and edit them at will, thanks to tools that few software can boast. This is one of the most advanced programs in this field and I will show you why below.


After using it for a long time and thoroughly analyzing it, I am convinced that it is one of the best programs for creating, editing and working with PDF files. The features and potential of PDFelement are, in fact, enormous. The options present are among the most complete, capable of withstanding the comparison with any other software on the market and are definitely superior to any converter that can be found on the Internet.

PDFelement is the perfect software for personal and professional use. Those who use PDF a lot, it will take very little to realize the advantages of this program, since it allows them to do everything in these files. Let’s see the main and outstanding functions of the software in the different versions.

Trial version – free

As already mentioned, this software also includes a free version which, however, is mostly a trial version of the program useful to understand the full potential of the software and not to use it at work. To download it, go to the official website and click the Try Free button, or search for the application in the AppStore.

Although many of the functions for creating and editing PDF files are active, when you save or export a document, it is watermarked with the PDFelement logo. Furthermore, it can also convert pdf documents into various formats, but it has a limitation of only 3 pages per file.

If you need it for personal use, it can also be enough but, since PDF documents are often used for work, having the watermark is not good: to remove it you need to switch to the standard or pro version that we will see below.


In the standard version, all the limitations of the free version are removed and you can easily create and edit PDF files. In fact, with just a few clicks you can add or delete, modify, enlarge and move text and images, add links to an external website, and more.

Also, if you have received the document in pdf and want to convert it to Word or Excel, PDFelement 8.0, already in its standard version, allows you to transform the files into many formats docx / .xlsx / .pptx / .jpg / .bmp / .png / .gif / .tiff.

Added to this is the ability to sign PDF files and add password protection to ensure that sensitive data cannot be opened by people who shouldn’t have access to it.

PDFelement Pro

For those who need an even more powerful program, the PRO version is the one that adds a series of advanced and innovative functions that can be very useful in many cases.

For example, there is Optical Character Recognition and the transformation of paper documents into digital PDFs thanks to which you can simply scan or take a photo of a sheet and have the program transform it into an editable PDF. This is one of the most useful features of the Pro version, but it is not the only one.

You can also extract data from PDF forms, add headers and footers, or number pages in a document, save flat copies, digitally sign, and process bulk documents to save time.

Furthermore, you can export files in even more formats than the standard version, choosing from the following: .docx / .xlsx / .pptx / .jpg / .bmp / ​​.png / .gif / .tiff /.epub/ .html /.rtf/.txt

Pricing and licenses

PDFelement 8 on Mac and is available with free trial and subscription plans. In the trial version you can try all the functions present in the paid version, but there are many limits of use. For example, scanned PDFs cannot be saved, or a maximum of 3 pages can be converted to other formats and there is also a watermark on the output document.

A license must be purchased for the full version. In fact, if you want to remove these and other limitations, you must switch to one of the paid versions.

It is interesting to note that it is possible to buy a license for only 3 months, as well as an annual one, but the best offer is the one that involves the complete purchase of the software with a permanent license, one-time payment and a very competitive price compared to others. This is precisely why PDFelement is a program chosen by more than 100,000 companies around the world.