Overview of the most popular online payment methods

If you are into online gambling then it is quite likely that you will find quite a few interesting things as far as this article is concerned.

You need to have an easy and safe method that can help you to your online gambling and sporting betting. This is highly critical and perhaps even as critical as the kind of games and sports betting facilities that they offer. If you look around any gambling website or a bookmaker, you certainly will come across a wide range of payment methods to choose from.

This is vital if you are keen on maintaining a wider base as a player. Hence, before you get into serious sports betting or gambling, the onus lies on you to choose the right payment and withdrawal options. The withdrawal option should be given more importance and the reasons for the same are quite obvious.

The withdrawal options are few and far between and bank transfer is the most common option being offered. Hence, as a punter, you must also look at other options. We are happy to share some of the most commonly used online payment methods by bookmakers and punters.

Debit Cards

There is no doubt that debit cards are the most commonly used methods for withdrawing and depositing of cash from any betting accounts. Hence, if you have a debit card you can most certainly use it for withdrawal of funds from your gambling and gaming account with the help of an ATM. It can also be used for payment of goods and services because almost all major bookmakers accept debit cards.

The most common debit cards that are used are MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Cirrus and Solo. The biggest advantage of debit card is immediate credit of withdrawals to your bank account. Further, most bookies offer this services for free and no debit card usage charges are levied. Hence, this is a payment method that is worth checking out. On the website bookmakers.net you get an overview of bookmakers accepting Visa payment.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are another popular method payment both for bookies, betting sites and punters. However, credit cards are not linked directly to the bank account of the punter. The funds come to the credit card account and from there the funds are transferred to the bank account of the punters. The whole process might take a few days time.

This is with regard to withdrawals. However, payments are instantly credited to the account of the website or bookmaker. However, it still is highly popular because of ease of use and convenience associated with it. Further you must also be sure that you have the credit limit for making payments.

In case you do not have limits, your withdrawals will be adjusted against the payments and only the balance will be given to your account.

Prepaid Cards

Though the popularity of credit and debit cards is the highest when it comes to payment and withdrawals, we have something known as prepaid cards that also need to be taken into account.

These are pre-loaded cards and you can purchase it from Visa or prepaid Mastercard. You can use the same for making payments and top it up as and when you run out of balances.

There are a few such prepaid cards and Paysafecard is one such option that is popular in the United Kingdom. You can buy it in many denominations starting from $5 and going up to $200 or even more. You have to log in to your betting account, enter the PIN number and deposit the value of your Paysafecard as far as your account is concerned.


PayPal over the years has become one of the most popular and convenient as well as safe way to withdraw money and also top up your betting account or pay money to it whenever required. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is the speed with which transactions are conducted. The withdrawals and payments happen almost instantly. It allows you to access your winning amount almost immediately and there is no waiting period.

It gets credited to your PayPal account from where it is transferred to your bank account. Yes, you will have to pay a service charge to PayPal but it is worth it because of the speed, safety, convenience and other factors associated with this form of payment and withdrawal.

The fees in many cases are also waived provided you are able to maintain a certain balance in your PayPal account. Hence, there is no doubt that this e-wallet continues to be one of the most sought after modes of payment.

A Few Other E-Wallets

Neteller is a popular e-wallet. It was first started in Canada and now has moved across many international boundaries. It now operates from the Isle of Man. It has over the years become a well known and universally recognized online payment facility.

It operates the same way as that of PayPal. Almost all sites and bookies accept Neteller, but some bookies do not offer signup bonuses if you use Neteller instead of some other e-wallets.

Apart from the above, there are others such as Skrill, EcoCard, EcoPayz and a few others that are becoming popular with each passing day. Skrill is quite new and are the other two. However, Skrill is becoming popular because it is owned by famous bookmakers like Paysafecard and Neteller. It can be used both for deposits and withdrawal.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an option that you could consider if you use an Apple mobile device. This is an e-wallet that is totally suited for those who have Apple devices for their online gambling and betting.

Hence, it could work well if you have an iPad, iPhone, and others such devices. You can use it without any fees and you use it for depositing cash in your betting account but it is not available with all bookmakers.

Bank Transfer

This is one of the easiest and most popular means of fund transfer and can be used both for deposits, payment and withdrawals. It is safe and there are no intermediaries as is the case with various e-wallets. You can get the withdrawals into account almost immediately.


In fine, there is no doubt that there is no dearth of withdrawal and payment options as a punter. Almost all leading and well known sites offer the above facilities and new ones are also being added to it. Western Union is also one such offer that is becoming quite popular.