Optimizing Paper and Cardboard Manufacturing: The Duplex Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of paper and cardboard production, the quest for optimal solutions to optimize material processing remains relentless.

In the ever-evolving landscape of paper and cardboard production, the quest for optimal solutions to optimize material processing remains relentless.

Moreover, the demand for sustainable practices adds an additional layer of complexity to this quest. Striking a balance between efficiency and environmental responsibility becomes a defining feature of the industry’s journey toward optimization. Manufacturers are compelled not only to streamline processes for economic viability but also to align their practices with ecological imperatives, fostering a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

Renova, a company deeply aware of consumer needs, has responded to industry challenges by introducing Duplex—a patented innovation designed to address key issues faced by paper and cardboard plants worldwide.

Meeting Industry Challenges Head-On

The challenges in material processing are various, and Duplex has been engineered to tackle them with precision. These challenges include:

  1. Achieving a perfect grip on cores: Ensuring a secure grip on cores from the first phase of work is essential for a smooth and efficient manufacturing process.
  2. Preventing cores from getting stuck on rollstands: The occurrence of cores getting stuck on rollstands can disrupt operations and compromise product quality.
  3. Avoiding paper waste: Minimizing paper waste is not only an economic concern but also crucial for sustainable production practices.
  4. Ensuring operator safety during roll changes: By eliminating manual unload operations, it prevents injuries and reduces risks for the operator, aligning with the Technical Standards ISO 11228 Ergonomics – Manual Handling, “Lifting and Carrying” and “Handling of low loads at high frequency”.

The Solution: Duplex roll ejector chuck

Renova’s Duplex roll ejector chuck introduces a pneumatic ejector that caters to all unwind stands, offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges outlined above. This innovative technology not only aligns with international patent standards but also adheres to ISO 11228 technical standards, mitigating risks for operators involved in manual handling tasks.

Addressing Common roll stands Issues

Duplex has been specifically designed to confront prevalent challenges encountered during the loading and unloading of rolls from roll stands. These challenges include:

  1. Core slippage and paper waste: The thinning of cores and the use of low-quality materials can lead to slippage, damaging the product and resulting in paper and financial waste. Addressing the problem of paper waste becomes pivotal not only for economic considerations but also in the context of sustainable production practices. Minimizing waste not only preserves valuable resources but aligns with broader ecological goals, making it imperative for manufacturers to implement effective solutions to mitigate core slippage and its associated paper waste.
  1. Rolls stuck on rollstands: Low-quality mechanical chucks can cause incomplete ejection of rolls or cores from their support. The incomplete ejection of cores or rolls during the roll change involves the manual intervention with levers or other tools for the discharge of blocked rolls from the rollstands. And of course, this poses risks to machinery and significantly increase the operator safety.

Revolutionary Patented Technology

Duplex employs a revolutionary combination of torque activated chuck and a telescopic pneumatic piston. This technology addresses core blockage during ejection and ensures a flawless grip on cores. The torque activated chuck utilizes the rolls’ movement to expand jaws, automatically locking and centering the core. Simultaneously, the concentric pneumatic piston provides a coaxial thrust force of 2000kg in the first stage and 1000 kg in the second and final stage, guaranteeing the automatic ejection of rolls of any size.

The wide contact area of the jaws ensures an industry-leading grip. An anti-drop system enhances operator safety during cleaning operations, while the patented ejection flange allows unwinding down to the last meter of paper, preventing lateral and core damage.

A Sustainable Future for Paper Production

In the pursuit of optimizing paper production processes and reducing waste, Duplex emerges as a pivotal solution. Its simple and compact design seamlessly integrates with any rollstands, making it an ideal choice for both systems without ejection capabilities and those with the original OEM automatic ejection system.

Duplex is more than a technological advancement— It significantly contributes to improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the ever-changing landscape of paper and cardboard manufacturing.

As industries strive for greater productivity and eco-friendly practices, Renova’s Duplex stands at the forefront of innovation, reshaping the future of material processing.