Online Pharmacies in the USA, UK, Canada: Where to Buy Affordable Drugs?


Today online business picks up a pace as never. This fact relates to the pharmaceutical market predominantly.

In fact, statistical data increase daily. These data confirm more and more people prefer to buy medications from online pharmacies.

Nowadays, the online pharmacy does not mean: easy, illegal, and counterfeit. Today, online pharmacies are full-fledged members of the pharma market. People have found no great difference between conventional drugstores like Walgreens or Walmart and online services like FedEx or CVS.

Internet users have no boundaries. They are eligible to make orders online irrespective of their place of living. Europeans may easily buy medications from American or Canadian online pharmacies. Considering so many aspects, we are imposed to specify distinctive features of American, Canadian and UK online services.

Each comparison group will have a specific online service offering this or that pharmaceutical services. So, our example of Canadian online pharmacy – Online Pharmacies Canada, American example – Cheap RX, the UK – Life Pharmacy.

Example#1 – Online Pharmacies Canada

Online Pharmacies Canada is an online pharmacy whose headquarter is located in Surrey, British Columbia. This company poses itself as a legal online service with outstanding customer service. This company offers either branded or generic drugs. The prices are reasonable. The online catalog is not presented as it is on the front page. Every customer has an option of “Search bar”. Enter the drug name and see the search results.

This online pharmacy offers 2-4 weeks’ delivery. Its charge is $9.95. The information about the type of delivery (global, the USA or nationwide-only) is not found.

The site administration sets up SSL-protocol. This option serves to protect customers’ personal data. It plays in favor of this service. Customers’ needs should be beyond all other services.

Example#2 – American Cheap RX

Cheap RX is an online service cooperating with the most reliable pharmaceutical concerns. They guarantee 100% quality and delivery of their products. This online company doesn’t stand still, they are developing to achieve the main goal – to ensure customers with the most reasonable prices.

They have achieved this goal partially as the staff believes – there’s no limit to perfection.

The online catalog arranged contains top-quality branded and generic items. The online catalog is arranged according to the drug categories. There is also a search bar. You may opt for any means of searching.

The price policy is a distinctive feature of this company. The site administrators decline prices as much as possible but remain the quality of the offered products. They cooperate with the most reliable, certified and affordable manufacturers. It brings benefits for both parties of this partnership.

Delivery is international. The parcels are brought to almost any country in the world. There are either regular airmail delivery ($10.00) or express delivery ($30.00). Tracking is possible.

This online pharmacy, as well as Online Pharmacies Canada, takes all the efforts to keep customers’ personal data. The data are carefully encrypted and stored.

Example#3 – Life Pharmacy

Life Pharmacy is a UK-based online pharmacy. This company brings drugs within the United Kingdom. The main distinctive feature of this company is next-day delivery. The delivery costs £2.95. This company also offers international delivery.

The online catalog is subdivided into several categories:

  • pharmacy healthcare;
  • fragrance and beauty;
  • embarrassing;
  • healthy living;
  • vitamins and supplements;
  • sexual wellbeing;
  • electrical healthcare products.

All these categories are popped up in the section “Shop Now”.

Such diversity may meet all the customers’ needs.

The price is determined in £. It’s lower than in conventional drugstores. This is one more evidence that the ordering of medications online is much more available.

Life Pharmacy uses security services. They use verification certificates, SSL-protocol to store customers’ personal data according to legal requirements.

What service to choose?

You may ask what service to choose? There is no definite answer. Every customer will decide through what online company to buy medications. For comparing the above information, get acquainted with the table below.

Feature Online Pharmacies Canada Cheap RX Life Pharmacy
Wide online catalog ?
Reasonable prices
International delivery ?
Next-day delivery

According to the given table, every user is able to see each company has its benefits and little drawbacks. The quality and service do not depend on the country it is located in. In fact, everything depends on the service itself. Get acquainted as much information as possible before making an order.