Notice Boards Vs Whiteboards – Have the best of both


Notice boards and whiteboards have always been used within various businesses across the globe for decades and whilst there are some stark differences, you can now have the best of both worlds with combination boards.

First off, let’s start by addressing the obvious – when we think of notice boards and whiteboards they’re never really high on our priority list (unless you work in the industry of course!) in business.

Here’s a staggering statistic for you though, 7 out of every 10 businesses in Europe have some form of whiteboard or noticeboard – and a survey revealed that most use them weekly – so it stands to reason, should we pay more attention to them?

The clash of the boards – Notice Boards VS Whiteboards

Notice boards differ from whiteboards primarily because originally notice boards were based upon the premise of directly ‘pinning’ or attaching information, adverts, posters or various other things. Meanwhile, the good ol’ whiteboard or chalkboards were designed to write directly on them.

The pros of notice boards

  • Cost – notice boards (especially felt/cork ones) are both inexpensive to buy.
  • Durability – cork boards with an additional layer of material such as felt are pretty darn durable and can last for years.
  • Designs – notice boards can come in a plethora of different colours meaning that you can adopt one that suits you or your business theme
  • Weight – notice boards are notoriously light meaning that moving them around your office or home is a piece of cake – and this is convenient for everybody

The pros of the Whiteboard

  • The ability to write directly onto a whiteboard is appealing to most – this is a big difference to notice boards
  • Style – Whiteboards are undoubtedly professional looking and also give a ‘clean feel’ to any office that they sit in.
  • Versatility – whiteboards nowadays come with a whole host of additional features and options including metal sheet backing with magnetic properties which can turn a whiteboard into a notice board also. You can also buy varying frames for whiteboards so that you can position it in any fashion required.

Combination boards?

Alas, there are great features to be garnered from both the notice board and the whiteboard, so what if I told you that you can have both? Enter: Combination Boards.

As the name suggests, a combination board is a combination of a whiteboard and a notice board rolled into one and this is great for a variety of reasons and they’re quickly establishing themselves as a favourite in offices across the globe.

A combination board, or dual notice board will come with either an aluminium frame that surrounds the entire board with a divider in the middle to actively split the boards. If you’re an eco-warrior however, you can opt for the board on a nice wooden frame.

These combination boards also come with the option of being portable which will mean that they stand in an aluminium frame with legs that’s attached to wheels.

There are a variety of different benefits to the combination board which is why they’re becoming so popular amongst offices across the globe, some of these reasons are:

  • Combination (or dual boards) are inexpensive
  • They save space – there’s no need for two separate boards
  • They’re convenient
  • In reports, combination boards have actually seen productivity increase particularly when there is brainstorming involved

So why buy two boards when you can buy one? Shop around for some dual boards to see if they’re the key to unlock some extra productivity in the office and increase efficiency and optimise working space.