Must-have apps for PC gaming

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Back in the day, video gaming was just a hobby for most people. People played games in order to pass the time.

Now, the ball game has totally changed. In fact, gaming has become more social, commercial, and competitive. As a result, a lot of game developers are constantly looking for ways to improve gamers’ experiences. For that reason, there are so many apps, as well as utilities that gamers definitely need to have in order to have immersive gaming experiences.

This crosses over to best online casinos games too, where we are seeing a lot of apps being developed. Below, we list the must-have apps for PC gaming that are absolutely free.


This app is very reliable and user-friendly. Not only that, but it also supports a free voice chat program. You will be able to access this app through your web browser, a mobile app, as well as through a desktop standalone app. Discord allows gamers to invite other players to a channel using an invite link. For those that don’t like creating new accounts all the time, they will be able to use a guest account, which is really convenient.

In order to excite gamers more, Discord has an online game store as well. That’s not all, gamers will also enjoy their favorite movies, music, and other interesting games which can also be found at casinos deutschland site.


At the moment, this is one of the most popular digital gaming library programs in the iGaming industry. However, it does so much more. In fact, this app will allow you to connect with your friends too. In addition, you will be allowed to share your achievements, as well as play with your friends.

OBS Studio

This game-recording app will also allow you to share your gameplay. You will also be able to access this app for free, which is a great plus, apart from the fact that it’s so easy to use. OBS Studio will record your screen, as well as audio, during gameplay. That means if you would like to add any commentary to your game, you can simply connect a microphone or headset. This makes it quite handy for streaming or recording for YouTube.