Let Us Take A Look At The Habits Of UK Bettors


The British market for sports betting is still quite substantial.

The British and their bookies have long been a match, in fact, bookies started in England around the early 1790s. Since then betting has evolved quite a bit and to be fair so have we as a species.

With that being said let’s take a look at how the habits of UK bettors have shifted throughout the years and how betting commences today.

UK Betting History

Early gambling was prevalent in pubs across the UK, and the topics of interest for bettors were often less than savory. We’re all familiar with the fact that cockfighting is now illegal but is still referenced in the names of bars and taverns all around the country. Have you ever been to a watering hole named “The Fighting Cocks?” Its name is not chosen at random.

The name itself doesn’t hide any secrets, though. The cockerels are pitted against one another in a death match. People lay wagers on each bird, and the winners receive the payouts. We should be happy that a visit to our contemporary local would not subject us to such terror, but this is all a part of the exciting history of betting and should be preserved.

As such, the Betting, Lottery, and Gaming Act of 1963 aimed to both nullify and clarify a number of different statutes. The United Kingdom allowed the opening of licensed gambling venues in 1960, which helped to move gambling operations out of bars and into more controlled settings.

The main change that came about as a result of the 1963 legislation was the creation of the British thoroughbred racing levy board, which just cleaned up a few of the earlier judgments. Even though it expanded on previous legislation, the statutes of 1960 and 1963 accomplished the most to eradicate bloodsports once and for all by eliminating their legal venue, pubs.

Betting Today

Today betting is still huge throughout the UK. Nowadays betting is mostly done on sports as well as horse racing. In fact, some of the biggest horse races actually commence throughout the UK. Today one doesn’t require traveling to a physical bookie in order to place wagers.

As a matter of fact, online bookies are the go-to choice for modern-day punters. So how does one find good online bookies? Punters can easily find the best betting sites at FairBettingSites.co.uk with bookie reviews and comparisons to help them better choose the right site for their wagering fun.

Ever since the 1960s, when gambling on athletic events was legalized in the UK, the two have been inextricably linked. It didn’t take long for brick-and-mortar bookies to proliferate, and when the information age took off, virtual bookies sprang up to take bettors’ money. There is now a greater variety of places to place bets on sporting events online than ever before.

Factors To Choose The Best Betting Sites

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to online gambling sites. When there are so many options, picking just one might be challenging. On top of that new UK betting sites are always emerging, so competition is fierce. In this chapter, we will go over some of the factors that you should think about before signing up for any of the top UK betting sites.

Variety Of Sports

The greatest sportsbooks are those that provide a wide range of top-notch sports and tournaments to wager on. This implies it should provide not only the big hitters such as football and tennis but also some less conventional choices like wagering on politics and show business. When it comes to online betting services, some of the finest provide more than just the chance to gamble on traditional sporting events; they also allow you to wager on eSports and digital sports.

Live Betting

Today, it’s hard to find a sportsbook that doesn’t provide live betting, but it’s really the quality of those live betting alternatives that matter. Rather than relying just on pre-match wagering, you may also participate in exciting in-play wagering at any of the sites we suggest in our list of UK betting sites. Bets may be placed in real time as events progress, thanks to real-time data and statistics being sent through the site.


Unlike the Bosses at Doncaster Sheffield Airport leaving about 800 jobs at risk, the gaming industry keeps hiring new employees. In fact, the gaming industry is soaring to new heights despite the recent pandemic.

It’s clear that the UK will continue indulging in their favorite hobby, with the numbers of punters increasing on almost a daily basis thanks to bonuses & promotions.