Is SoundCloud Better than Spotify?

Spotify on iPhone

Are you thinking about picking between Spotify and SoundCloud? It’s about more than just getting music. It’s also about finding what’s suitable for you. Spotify has special playlists and many songs to find new ones quickly.

SoundCloud features a large number of unreleased mixes and tracks, which is ideal for those looking for something unique. Many individuals enjoy both Spotify and SoundCloud, but which one best suits you?

Move into our comparison to learn about costs, sound quality, or availability. Keep reading to make an informed choice!

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a website for listening to music. It started in August 2007. Many new musicians use it to showcase their songs. More than 30 million artists put their music on SoundCloud for everyone to hear!

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is a famous music and podcast streaming platform. It offers the latest songs and the latest podcast episodes. It was launched in 2006 in Sweden and became available worldwide in 2008. Now, it is available in every single country around the globe.

Is SoundCloud Better Than Spotify?

1. Sound Quality

Spotify and SoundCloud are two leading music apps that most of us use on our phones with typical headphones. But if you have advanced earbuds or headphones, sound quality will make a difference.

We have concluded that SoundCloud’s free version offers music at 128 kbps, and Spotify has music at 160 kbps. Thus, Spotify sounds better when you use the free versions.

However, if you pay for the upgraded versions of either service, the sound quality improves considerably. You may listen to songs at up to 320 kbps when using Spotify. You may get 320 kbps quality with SoundCloud Go+ as well. The paid versions of both are similar in sound quality.

2. Music Catalog

Two of the best music applications for music fans are Spotify and SoundCloud. Spotify has about 80 million renowned songs, while SoundCloud has over 200 million tracks, many of which are by unknown artists.

Spotify is an excellent option for listening to famous performers’ music. However, SoundCloud is ideal for discovering new bands you may have not heard of. Spotify also offers additional podcasts and audiobooks for you to enjoy. Both apps always add more songs and features to make their users happy.

3. For Music Artist

SoundCloud is a massive music playground where fresh singers and artists may share their work. SoundCloud is the best place to start if you want to showcase your music, get followers, and know how many people are listening to your tracks. You can get subscribers naturally and buy followers, too.

Even if you use SoundCloud for free, you may post up to three hours of music. However, you will only get some excellent tools to see how your music is doing. If you get the unique plan, you can get comments from people who listen to your music and chat with them.

Spotify is a music app where singers get money when folks listen to their songs. Singers can even sell stuff and tickets on Spotify. However, other places are even better for new singers than Spotify. Spotify is perfect for famous singers, though.


Spotify and SoundCloud offer free plans with ads. But if you want more cool stuff, you can switch to their fancy versions.

Service Free Plan Paid Plan Cost
Spotify Yes (Ads) Premium: Full access, no ads $10.99/month
Premium Duo: Two accounts $14.99/month
Premium Family: Six accounts $16.99/month
SoundCloud Yes (Ads) SoundCloud Go: Basic features $4.99/month
SoundCloud Go+: Full access, high-quality audio $9.99/month


Spotify Premium costs $10.99 monthly in the US ($5.99 for students). You can get Spotify Premium Duo for $14.99 a month if you want two accounts. If you have a big family, you can go for Premium Family, which costs $16.99 monthly and lets six people use it.

SoundCloud Go is $4.99 every month. But it doesn’t give you excellent sound or let you listen to all the songs they have.SoundCloud Go+ costs $9.99 monthly, including complete catalog access, high-quality audio, and limited track mixing. As of December 2023, a SoundCloud family plan has yet to be implemented.

Comparison of SoundCloud and Spotify

Category SoundCloud Spotify Winner
Sound Quality 128 kbps (free), 320 kbps (Go+) 160 kbps (free), up to 320 kbps (Premium) Draw
Music Catalog Over 200 million tracks, many by unknown artists About 80 million renowned songs SoundCloud
For Music Artist A platform for showcasing, gaining followers, and engaging with fans Provides revenue for artists’ streams and sales SoundCloud
Pricing $4.99 (Go), $9.99 (Go+) $10.99 (Premium), various plans available SoundCloud


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Does Anyone Still Use SoundCloud?

Yes! SoundCloud is a website where individuals may exchange music and audio files. It remains popular, with about 175 million users accessing it each month. Independent musicians and DJs frequently utilize SoundCloud to market their music.

Is SoundCloud Worth Paying For?

SoundCloud has collaborated with the music business to generate revenue, even if it means abandoning its original creative and independent users. However, many creators are still happy with the platform, as shown by the increasing amount of new music uploaded yearly.

Which Streaming Site Is Better For Promoting Music?

Spotify contains many popular songs you hear on the radio, while SoundCloud includes more music from lesser-known artists. Anyone may post and share their music on SoundCloud. It depends on what music you want to listen to or share!

Final Thoughts

SoundCloud and Spotify are both music places, but they have some differences that might make one better for you. SoundCloud has many songs suitable for new artists who want to show their music. It’s also good for finding indie music.

Spotify, on the other hand, has many podcasts. This makes it great if you like listening to popular and mainstream music. SoundCloud and Spotify have free and paid versions, so you can choose which one you prefer.