Improve your appearance with Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes

No style of fashion can change the appearance of physical attributes? Or can it?

After all, many suits and dresses can have a slimming effect, while stylish hats can obscure less than desirable hair situations. The one that seems tough to conquer is height, at least not discreetly and naturally. Luckily for those who are vertically challenged and wish to accentuate their height a bit, elevator shoes offer a stylish, trendy, and comfortable solution.

What Are Elevator Shoes?

With the demand for height increasing shoes currently trending in the fashion realm, elevator shoes offer a solution to the discreet, illusionary effect of increasing an individual’s vertical appearance. Essentially, an elevator shoe lifts the wearer by anywhere from 2 to 5 inches by using a lifted insole that hardly manifests its secret elevation externally.

Height increasing shoes are not new, certainly not for women who have worn heels for centuries. But for shorter statured men, achieving height without wearing shoes that resembled a more feminine heel form has been a challenge.

Elevator shoes are able to provide a solution in increasing height while staying stylish and within the modern fashion trends. With multiple different trendy brands like guidomaggi elevator shoes and a line of different designs, these comfortable foot tools can fit into nearly any social setting.

Benefits of Elevator Shoes

Beyond the obvious and primary benefit of serving their purpose making an individual look naturally taller, elevator shoes offer several other advantages.


One of the biggest tasks that shoe consumers have is that the shoes which spend a lot of hours of the day on their feet are comfortable to wear. Many choose to avoid wearing elevator shoes on a presumption of them being uncomfortable. However, this stigma is largely unwarranted, since, when given an opportunity, elevator shoe wearers tend to find them quite comfortable.

In fact, there are elevator shoes designed for a variety of activities including hiking, jogging, and dancing. The secret is to purchase the shoes from reputable brands like guidomaggi, which focus not only on the style and appearance of the elevator shoe but also its comfort level for the wearer.

The elevated inner sole of the elevator shoe is equipped with supplemental padding in order to reduce the impact on feet when worn and to provide a height altering solution at the same time. There is a bit of an adjustment curve at first as one’s feet get adjusted to wearing these types of shoes, but it doesn’t take long for the feet to adapt and begin to feel comfortable in the new shoe.

Improved Posture

Seamless height scaling shoes also serve to improve one’s posture by helping to square shoulders by supporting the backs and knees of the wearer. With more relaxation on both, the wearer naturally can stand straighter.

An improved posture instantly increases one’s attractiveness. It makes them exude boldness and confidence.


Speaking of confidence, it is an often overlooked benefit of elevator shoes. Not only does posture improvement promote the aura of confidence, but it also enhances how other people view the wearer. A few additional inches in height bring an individual more eye level with others, promoting more eye contact, which then leads to the perception of self-assurance and better acceptance in all settings, be they personal or professional.

People begin to better notice one’s gestures and facial expressions, making them believe the wearer to be more communicative and assertive. The treatment is intoxicating and it boosts one’s self-esteem exponentially, something that then naturally promotes further confidence.

Ease of Adaptability

While wearing the elevator shoes for the first time, as mentioned earlier, a period of adjustment is required, but shoes are common for everyone’s lives, and our bodies adapt to the nature of new shoe types easily. This is more than can be said for tight, fitted shirts or suits that attempt to squeeze the body’s form into a smaller space to make individuals look slimmer. These can be uncomfortable and constraining. All the while, elevator shoes are just another pair of shoes, which allow for quick adaptability and the enjoyment of the benefits that come along with them.

Choosing Elevator Shoes

The key to choosing elevator shoes is to have them resemble as close to one’s typical footwear as possible. This is an effort to not suddenly seem as if one grew several inches overnight directing people’s attention directly to the shoes. Elevator shoes hide their secret vertical enhancement internally, so a glance at the shoes will reveal nothing more than a new pair of the style one typically wears.