Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your First Car

New car sales

Choosing your first car can be an exciting time!

You might have an idea about what colour you would like it to be, how many exhausts you want it to have, how low the suspension should be to the floor to look cool but not too low you cannot reach the McDonalds drive-through window – So much to think about.

However, some of the more mundane factors that need to be considered when choosing your first car are somewhat the most important, as they will determine how long your car will last if it is suitable for what you need it for and how cheap it is to run.

This piece will take a look at the crucial points you need to think about when choosing your first car, just to make sure you are on the road to buyers’ success.

What Are You Using Your Car for?

The temptation to say “To drive? Duh?” is real, we know, but depending on what you do for work and what situations and terrains your car is going to be facing will influence which car you will need. Do you need a 4×4 to go down the road to your office? Probably not. But likewise, is a two-door mini going to be able to do the rounds on a massive farm day in day out? Well, it could, but it might not last very long!

Choose a car that is appropriate for what you will be using it for the most and save yourself the aggravation of fuel costs, higher tax that you might not need to spend, and mending your vehicle on the regular.

Go for Quality

The next obvious but non-negotiable factor is choosing a vehicle of quality around the price point you can afford. You might really want the metallic blue number, but if reviews say it always has hand brake problems or the airbags never release in an accident, then ignore the pull of the shiny sapphire surface and opt for something that will help keep you alive instead.

Make sure to do your research so you can choose something that has good reviews, that will give you a good drivers experience, and will also last you – as cars are not cheap.

On that note, if you cannot afford a new car or you have an issue such as bad credit, don’t worry! You can still get the car you deserve. Have a look into car finance poor credit to see how you can get a good quality car regardless of your financial situation.

How Much Will it Cost to Run?

So, you have sorted out your finance schedule or payment for your car, and you are pleased with yourself. You have stayed under the budget, and you are ready to buy and drive off into the sunset. There is just one more thing – you have to consider how much your chosen vehicle is going to cost to actually run.

Some of the bills to consider here:

Fuel – How far does it drive, miles to the gallon?

Tax – How much will your road tax cost?

Insurance – How much will it cost to keep this vehicle insured?

 Make sure you can afford these payments too, and work those into a budget.