How to spot a good tipster

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There are too many tipsters these days flaunting expensive cars on Instagram and promising thousands of pounds for a few bets.  They have ‘insider information’ and ‘fixed bets’ which cost outrageous amounts per tip.

These are the false prophets who have given the tipster profession a bad name. However, coming across a genuine and good tipster can change your betting forever.  How can you tell a winning tipster from a fraud?

Historical Performance

Experience and skill count in calling the right bets.  A tipster who has been in the game for longer has a deeper insight into the sport and different leagues. The ideal tipster should have more than three seasons’ experience. An honest tipster will provide records of both wins and losses.  Sports betting is gambling, which can never have 100% wins.

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But there are also good tipsters who are starting as junior tipsters. These tipsters will often charge less to build a clientele faster. They are also more engaging because they have fewer clients than established tipsters. You could opt to give such a junior tipster a chance, grow with him and become a better bettor as you read his approach to game analysis.

A new tipster should at least offer a money-back guarantee as a show of faith. A trial period is even better.  Many offer a one-month trial period, which is enough. Alternatively, you can wait for an independent reviewer to review the tipster. You can quicken the process by alerting the independent reviewer about the tipster.


Some tipsters are outright criminals out to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting followers. They put up an attractive website and load all kinds of enticing historical performances. They can do this easily because websites can be easily created and manipulated these days.

Where else is the tipster mentioned apart from his website?  Sports fans’ social media groups are good places to find mentions of a certain tipster. If you can’t find him there, it is likely he is making false claims.


Unscrupulous tipsters have become adept at advertising on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for maximum traffic pulls. It is not very advisable to trust a tipster just because he is all over the web. Look at what the fans are saying on social media and sports forums like Reddit.

Review sites are also good places to find more on a tipster. Some tipsters are affiliated to specific sportsbooks. Avoid reviews from affiliates because they will be conspiring to pull you in. Read reviews on independent review sites. These are more in-depth reviews of what you find on social media.


Even the best tipster will occasionally have a run of bad luck, for example, 3-4 losses in a row. Consistency is the mark of a solid tipster, one who can take the losses in stride and continue making winning tips.  The tipster should also be consistent in delivery. If he says there are seven tips per week, then this promise should be kept.


The timing makes a big difference in betting. Good odds can drop rapidly, reducing your potential wins by a significant percentage.  A tipster should be timely in delivering the tips, ideally on the day of the event.

What is the tipster’s preferred mode of delivery?  Email, Apple or Android Apps, or Member Login delivery are preferable. You can assess the tipster’s timeliness during the trial period.

Finding a good tipster can make you a good bettor faster, and increase your profitability. Use these tips to find a solid professional who can deliver as expected.