How to slash the costs of doing business

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The magnificent super-modern era in which we live affords businesses of all sizes unlimited benefits to reducing the costs of doing business.

So much of your regular business work can be reduced through proper application of technological solutions. Consider teleconferences and make use of all the online financial transactions you can. Not to mention opensource software for all your software solutions.

Ditch Your Landline

The conventional phone lines can become a cumbersome and costly feature of doing business, especially if you use the phone service a lot then you should consider ditching it and getting a lower priced mobile contract alternative. You could save on the iPhone 8 and your bill with these deals and utilise them with a VOPI landline number.  Small businesses everywhere are taking full advantage of online VOIP services that function like a real phone line but at a reduced cost.

Go Paperless

You may think that the costs of paper, ink, postage and envelopes is just a necessary cost of doing business, but once you tally up the costs at year’s end you will find a small fortune that can be saved with a little digital technology. Some important activities you will need to consider is using digital invoice systems, not printing unless unavoidable and filing all records and paperwork in digital formats.  This will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Start Marketing Your Business Online

If you have not yet de-emphasized traditional advertising methods for a more cost-effective online marketing strategy than now is as good a time as any to do just that. Online marketing is cost-effective and can be cut to the exact needs of your company as it is. As you progress, your campaign can take on larger and more beneficial components. Target your most profitable customer pools and at an especially low cost.

Reduce Credit Card Debt

You may be able to reduce many of the immediate costs you have by charging your expenses to your credit card, but this is not a sustainable idea and will be more costly in the long run. Better to look for ways to begin reducing credit card debt, even though it is the more costly route. Eventually, this is the smartest way to begin making your way out of credit card debt and a financially healthy future.

Cut Back on Software

If you were to take a full inventory of the software and applications you are actually using, you may find that you are not using all the software that you are paying for, updating and maintaining. You can avoid more costs by only purchasing the software you absolutely need. Even if it comes in a larger package with other additional programs at a special price, only buy what you need. Opensource software is also an especially convenient and low-cost way to reduce business costs.

Buy Refurbished Equipment

It can be very costly to buy Brand-new equipment. Why not save costs and look for some refurbished units that are on sale for a value price. These are often as good as the new items and offered from the original manufacturers.