How to reach 10X customers using Twitter?


Marketers use a lot of features of the social media platform Twitter in their marketing plan to help their content reach as many people as possible.

But this is not an easy thing to do and a lot of people fail to get enough customers using Twitter.

In this article, you will get to know some tips and tricks which will help you reach 10X customers using Twitter. Some people try to attract customers by having more Twitter Likes on their products tweets. This is also a good strategy to buy Twitter Likes to gain attention of your potential customers.

Post tweets that people will retweet

Retweets give you an idea of your overall reach. If more people are sharing your tweets, it means much more people are watching your tweets. More retweets also bring you more engagement. So, this is a good metric that you should pay attention to and try to increase it as much as possible.

Keep your tweets short and crisp. Try to include images and videos in your tweets if it relates to the tweet. Use colorful images that attract people and urge them to retweet. If you can include some sort of statistics displayed using some graph, chart, or graphics; that also helps the cause. Tweets having humorous content or useful content also get a lot of retweets.

Find your customers

One of the ways you can get a lot of customers is by reaching them first. Depending upon the type of your brand or the business you do; you will have to find people who are looking for a product or service that you offer. After you find them, you will have to engage with them by liking their tweet and sending them a personalized message telling that you offer what they are looking for. You can also search for people by searching for different hashtags related to your business. And you will get a lot of people using those hashtags that are in need of what you can provide. You will have to try it out with different hashtags until you get some hashtags that provide you what you want.

Post your website content regularly

Now you must be having a personal or a business website. Try to share a tweet specifically about your website at least once every day preferably at the peak time of the day. This is because not everyone who is following you gets to see all your tweets all the time. Posting about your website once a day will make sure that people who don’t know about your website also gets aware of it. This will also increase your Twitter followers and help you reach target audience. Now, this can get a little repetitive for people who know about it. To tackle this. You can attach a blog post of yours about a different topic every time you post about your website. In this way, those people will also get something of value.

Try to provide social proof

When people will come to your Twitter page, they are not going to spend a lot of time scrolling your page unless they really like it. So, you have to give those people a social proof which they can see and hence get to know that people are using your products or services and really like it. You can retweet some of those tweets where people are tweeting about you. You can also create a custom hashtag for your brand so if someone browses that hashtag posts, they get to see every tweet people have done about you. This will help them make up their mind to become your customer.

In addition to these tips, you can follow growth hacks to get more Twitter Followers. These growth techniques for Twitter will help you gain more followers and likes.