How to make professional presentations in a few minutes

make professional presentations

A professional well-crafted presentation is an investment. Creating a great PowerPoint presentation can be a bit of a challenge if you want to impress your audience.

Still, creating a presentation in PowerPoint can be interesting. You get to play and reason with presentation elements such as graphics, layouts, backgrounds and other visuals. It might sound appealing but it’s not easy to create a perfect design which can woo your viewers. Especially the part where you need to present your research or crux of the subject can be challenging.

No doubt PowerPoint is a simple tool when it comes to creating presentations, a poorly framed design can ruin your presentation goals in unimaginable ways. On top of that, business owners and executives don’t have all the time in the world to put a PowerPoint together.

Creating an attractive presentation requires ample content research and presentation design time. Gone are the days when professionals used to create presentations from scratch. Today, working faster and smarter in PowerPoint is essential to accomplish business goals.

Crafting quality content is where every good presentation starts at. Even if your message is compelling, if you can’t get it out on the screen effectively, you’ll only meet a sea of blank faces in the auditorium. You can leverage smart tips to create effective PowerPoint presentations in minimum possible time. In this article, we will talk about pro tips that you can inculcate in your presentation making habits to save time and effort.

PowerPoint Templates: The real game-changer

There is no denying to the fact that creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch can be cumbersome for anybody. Not only it’s time-consuming, but if you’re not good with designs it can be frustrating as well. Having an amazing PowerPoint template in place can make your life a lot easier.

If you import ready-to-use presentation templates in your presentation, not only you’ll save a ton of time, your presentation will also impart qualities such as design consistency, branding, ease of formatting, professional look and much more. PowerPoint templates come with a pre-packed look and a solid structure for your content.

You can simply download them and import in your presentation & start putting-in content on the go. These templates encompass unique design and attract the audience even more.

Since we all have sat through plenty of presentations in our lives, we know how boring it can be to go through default PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and animations. The audience of today craves a unique relationship.

Also, all slides in a template feature a consistent look for your audience. This promotes engagement as well as the integrity of a presentation. Your presentation becomes powerful enough to back your points while you’re presenting.

Lots of professionals are looking for a logo presentation template that fits with the overall purpose of their presentation. For instance, if they’re presenting their business to potential customers, the template should reflect the identity of their brand.

The best part is that you can edit the templates as per your choice. These templates are often 100% editable. Don’t think your audience will attune with the background? Change it. Business owners and entrepreneurs must take note that these templates also come with attractive charts and graphs which can be helpful for imagination.

One sentence summary:

It just takes a few seconds to create the first slide of your presentation. Have you ever noticed the presentation slides of famous entrepreneurs? The first slide is basically just a line with a contrasting background. A successful presentation can describe itself in one sentence. Opening your presentation with one sentence can be an elevator pitch for your audience.

You can also consider starting your presentation with a question! The thing is if you can make your audience reason with the one-liner or shock them with a fact or a question, chances are high that you’ll get hold of their attention for the rest of your presentation.

The goal is to engage with your viewers as early as possible. Therefore, starting a PowerPoint presentation with a one-sentence summary can be a game-changer for you.

Not more than 10 slides:

There is a famous 10 20 & 30 rule in PowerPoint. It simply means that your presentation should not feature more than 10 slides, which should be no longer than 20 minutes as a whole and slides should feature a 30 sized font.

Well, you should stick to the first point, which is limit your presentation to 10 slides. By following this not only you’ll save a ton of time, but you’ll also be boosting audience engagement in unimaginable ways. How? Well, nobody likes to sit through never-ending pages and pages of slides.

Your topic may be vast, you might talk more than 20 minutes but sticking your slides to 10 can give a room to your audience to digest presentation content. Through this tip, you’ll save ample time and can move to the rest of the presentation real quick.

It’s a story and not a novel:

People generally invest a lot of time in creating presentations and end up cluttering the slides with text. It can be said that no one likes to read slides like a novel. You need visuals which can do the work for you. Keeping the text minimal and emphasizing on attractive visuals is more like aid for eyes. Since the human brain appeals more to graphics than ordinary text, you should try to inculcate charts, diagrams, infographics and tables in your presentation wherever relevant.

The goal is to make the slides work for us and not the other way around. Like mentioned earlier, PowerPoint templates also offer handy visual elements such as charts, graphs, diagrams and shapes. You can use those also to engage with your audience.

Data is nothing as long as it’s raw. If you can present it better then the sky’s the limit for your corporate success.

Through these tips, entrepreneurs can make effective use of their time. These tips can drastically reduce the time it takes to come up with a presentation while making sure your presentation can stand out in the crowd. Save big on time and showcase your numbers vividly, now