How to make money with the online casino and which Game is best to play

In this article, we will explain some recommendations, tricks, and strategies to win real money in an online casino.

If you follow everything we tell you in this text, you will learn to be an experienced player and increase the chances of winning in online casino games. In addition, we will explain the RTP percentage and the probability of winning in each of the casino game modes.

What Is The RTP Percentage?

To learn online casino games, to win real money we must know what kind of game we face. Each casino modality has its own rules and its own percentage of RTP, in English means return to player. We can understand it as the rhetorical payment of prizes that correspond to a player for the amount played in the casino, that is, it is not as simple as we believe with the naked eye. For a better understanding on your part, we will offer you another definition that will make it clearer. It is the percentage of money that a player earns in a game with respect to what he has invested in it, this percentage can be negative (loss of money) or positive (benefits).

How To Understand The Percentage RTP?

The first time we hear it, it may seem strange to us since it is not easy to familiarize ourselves with terms we have never heard before. The important thing is to be really aware of what it means since most players do not give enough importance to this learning.

If we understand some words like this, we will be differentiating ourselves from an amateur player who just wants to have a good time. Our intention is to enjoy, but also earn money. Not everyone knows how to apply this in online casino games to earn money.

So that you finish understanding it, we detail an example of real gaming experience. Imagine that you want to start a new game session, e.g. in a Swiss casino online, you have decided to play with $100 and you will be trying different modalities for two hours. After this time, you decide to stop playing and end the session with an amount of $150, that is, you will have won $50 compared to the initial amount.

This means that the RTP during your game session is 150 %, this data will be stored with the following RTP from other days and an average will be made. The same happens with casino games, an average is made with all the RTPs of the players and in this way the game in question is calculated. The player should look for a casino game that is as close as possible to 100%, to at least ensure there are no losses in the initial amount.

As you may have already appreciated, it is essential that we take into account the RTP of a casino game when choosing where we play since it depends on the percentage we have we will have more possibilities or less. This advice should be very important as it will determine how to win at casino games.


In this section we will perform a ranking of casino modalities with a higher percentage of winnings towards the player, always going from more to less. This serves to make you know which is the easiest casino game to win.

Poker (99, 5%):

Poker is the best casino game to win money since it is the least profitable section for a casino since the RTP is always close to 99.5 %. This is so since the company that offers the service does not intervene at any time, everything is the result of the chance of the cards and the ability of the table players. There will always be a winner, which is why the percentage of winnings is so high among players.

Blackjack (99%):

The Blackjack modality is the second most profitable since in this case, the casino does not affect anything in the future of the game. The cards are completely random and the player’s ability is what makes him win or lose. The only big difference with respect to Poker is that in this case, no one can win at the table although the probability is very low, there is always someone who wins the bank in a game session. That is why it has such a high percentage of RTP compared to other modalities.

Slots (98-96%):

Depending on the slot machine in which we play, we will have the possibility to qualify for a prize or another since each of them has a different RTP percentage. We must check before our game session the RTP of the slot in which we want to play as it is a very important aspect to win real money in it.

Tricks And Strategies To Win At The Online Casino:

In this section, we will offer you some tips and tricks to win in the games of online casinos, which you must take into account when playing in a casino and casino games to know how to win in the casino. You will not know what the trick is to win at the casino until you read the following tips. We will also offer a brief explanation of each of them:

Take into account the percentage RTP:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important tips because before starting to play, we must check the odds we have of winning in each game and always try to choose the one that offers us the greatest.

Choose the lowest boats:

It is very important to be clear that we are not going to get rich in a single game session, which is why the more real our goal is, the more possibilities we will have to achieve it. We must always opt for games with less high jackpots since there will be fewer players in them and the chances will be greater for us.

Play two options in roulette:

If the mode that attracts us is roulette, we will always be more likely to win if we play our money in red/black markets rather than a number of all that is on the table. With this tactic, the profits will be smaller but the number of times we win will be greater.

Know how to retire on time:

Many players want to keep earning money and don’t know how to retire after a long game session. If you have obtained benefits, you have to know what is the ideal time to end the session and disconnect from the game since we run the risk of losing everything we gained during the day, something that will cause us frustration to have lost time for nothing.

Take advantage of online casino bonuses and promotions:

Together with the first one, this is the most important recommendation since it is crucial to take advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos and thus not risk our own money. It is much easier to risk with free money granted by the casino and not with our own. The promotion allows us to double the amount of our first deposit up to $100, a fantastic option to start earning real money and familiarize ourselves with casino games.