How to be a better manager in 2021


The new year is an opportunity for everyone to change. Whether it’s personal or professional, these changes are useful. You’re not perfect, and you should always strive to be better.

If you’re a business leader, you have to do your best to be better in 2021. These are some tips to help you achieve that goal.

Open more doors for communication

When you first became a manager, you were somehow drunk on power. You felt that you were different from other people in your team. You have your own office, and you can demand everyone to follow your commands. As a result, you failed to open doors for communication. It might be time that you become more open this year. Allow your employees to talk to you privately if they have concerns. You should also let them complain if there are a few things they are not happyabout in the work environment. If they want to have more stationery supplies to make the job easier, you should listen. If they want to have a more flexible work time, you also have to consider it. You can’t be the only person calling all the shots. Your goal is to make the workplace better for everyone, and listening to employees helps.

Be more empathetic

Your primary goal as a leader is to get things done. You want your employees to submit tasks on time. You also want them to be more responsible in dealing with different projects assigned to them. However, there are reasons why some employees are unable to do so. It could be due to family issues or financial problems. Therefore, you need to be more empathetic. Let them know that you understand what’s happening, and you’re willing to adjust. It’s not easy for some employees to follow all the rules, and receiving consequences will make life even more difficult.

Prepare for sudden changes

2020 was an unexpected year. The pandemic turned everyone’s lives around. Even businesses had to close as a result of the lack of customers. 2021 might be better, but there’s no guarantee. There could be more changes to happen. Economic recovery might be slow. Another pandemic might begin. You have to learn how to adjust to sudden changes. You can’t control all of them, but there are ways to prepare. Most of the companies that closed because of the pandemic were the ones who didn’t prepare. They were too complacent with the direction of their business, and they failed to act swiftly. You can’t make the same mistakes.

Be the leader of optimism

2020 was also a year when it was too easy to give up on life. With thousands of people losing their lives and livelihood, it was easy to be pessimistic. There was no reason to feel good about the future. Even businesses are heading downwards. Again, there’s no assurance that 2021 will be better. Therefore, even if bad things continue to happen, you should remain optimistic. Inspire your employees to feel the same. If they know that there are issues, they will find it hard to be optimistic. However, if you project positivity, others will do the same.

Hopefully, you can make all these changes and be a better manager.