How online betting has revitalised the betting market


In recent times the thought of a bookmaker’s shop was an almost depressing one. It had become overloaded with people who spent all day in there, or had an intimidating atmosphere.

All too often people would be afraid to enter the wrong bookmaker at the wrong time. Part of this was due to bookmakers often being located in the wrong part of town, but also because they were not always busy throughout the day, they often attracted the wrong kinds of people.

This led to the start of a decline in the bookmaking business. New customers were not being created and it led to a slight worry within the sector. However, the introduction of mobile internet started the reversal of this downward trend. How did they manage this though?

Quick and easy betting

One of the main ways that mobile internet changed the betting market was through the introduction of websites and apps that allowed customers access to their markets. With almost every bookmaker now offering an online version of their product there has never been as much choice for consumers. This meant that customers could instantly avoid the intimidating atmosphere of the bookmakers. It has helped to create a booming industry that has never been more successful.

That there is so much choice for consumers has led to competition between the different bookmakers. As with any business, the quality of their reviews will have an impact on their business.  Bookmaker reviews such as those suggested by SoccerBetting365  will help to drive customers to their business. This is because a wide variety of information can be found out about the bookmaker, such as bonuses on offer and betting markets, using the bookmaker on mobile and customer service options. This information will allow customers to be totally aware of what is on offer when signing up to a bookmaker.

The introduction of apps has made placing a bet a very simple and easy process. Far fewer customers deciding against placing their wagers because they do not have all that’s time to visit a bookmaker. Instead of having to either travel into town or spend a lot of time looking for bookmakers, with a mobile app a bet can be placed in seconds.

This has also opened up the betting market to more females as well. Bookmakers are not just an intimidating place for men, it was intimidating for women as well. Because the mobile app has taken that middleman out of the equation it has lead to an increase in female customers for bookmakers.

Opened up a wider variety of wagers and markets

One of the major positives to mobile apps offering the ability to place bets, is the wider range of markets that are on offer. In play betting is the main area that has increased. This is because a traditional brick and mortar bookmaker doesn’t have the staff or the facilities to offer in play betting to the extent that apps do. This has led to a large increase in revenue.

It’s not just that the customers are laying more bets than before. It’s that the opening up of in play markets to a wider audience has almost created a whole new revenue stream for bookmakers. This means that some of the increased revenue is from a revenue stream that was always there, but they were unable to tap into.

All of these factors combined together have made the online betting market stronger than it has been in years, and with the constant increase in technology it is only looking to get stronger.