How Fast Can I Expect Organic Traffic to Increase

SEO promotion today is still one of the most common and effective ways to bring websites to the top of the search.

However, it is also known that SEO does not give immediate results. How long does it take to increase your organic traffic? It depends on the type of site and the available resources. Let’s find out the peculiarities together.

Website Variety

To advance in search engines today, you can choose two ways: “white” and “gray”. The white path is safe, it fully complies with the rules of search engines. Moving along this path involves working with the semantic core, attracting backlinks, creating interesting content, etc. Legal methods of promotion give a slow but guaranteed result. If you hire a professional SEO company like Seo Profy, its specialists will definitely recommend you to use white methods of promotion.

Gray methods of promotion bring much faster results, but there is a risk of getting sanctions from search engines. These are different types of cheating, buying links, excessive saturation of the text with keywords, creating doorways, and much more. These methods give quite good results in a very short time. However, sites that were promoted in this way do not last long in the top search results – no more than two to three months.


Successful website promotion requires serious resources:

  • Any start-up involves money. SEO website promotion is no exception. The more budget you have for promotion, the faster you can achieve visible results. It is much more difficult to move forward with a small budget;
  • Team and work. The effectiveness of promotion largely depends on the experience and skills of the team and proper understanding of the task. The work of the team directly depends on the budget;
  • Website promotion requires spending some time and effort. Legal methods take a lot of time, but they are stable, gray methods act faster, but give a short-term result.

Thus, the duration from the start of SEO to the first results depends on various factors. According to the experts, SEO promotion starts bringing results after 6-12 months.


There are many differences in the competition for different regions. Promoting the same site in New York and Jacksonville is two big differences, both in terms of cost and duration. The larger the city, the higher the concentration of firms and sites, and, accordingly, the more difficult and longer the promotion process will be. The most difficult thing is to organize nationwide promotion in all regions.

Domain age

It is well known that search engines have a policy that discriminates against younger sites under the age of 3-6 months. They are exposed to special filters, ending up in a kind of “sandbox” for the duration of the trial period, from which there is no access to the top of the search ranking. Thus, the default period for promoting a young site is always longer than the old one. But there are some ways to get around this limitation by hosting a new Internet resource on the existing domain. The main thing is that the name of this domain should correspond to the theme of the site, and it should have a good reputation with search engines. The older it is and the better the reputation of the purchased domain, the faster the site will be promoted.

Keyword frequency

As you know, all search queries are divided into three types: HF (high-frequency, from about 10 thousand queries per month), MF (mid-frequency, from 1 to 10 thousand), and LF (low-frequency, up to 1 thousand). The higher the frequency, the longer it will take to promote this request in the TOP-10. Therefore, instead of promoting your site with the high-frequency request “plastic window” (almost half a million requests per month), you can do otherwise. It will be much faster and cheaper to promote a set of mid-range queries like “the best plastic windows” or an exhaustive pool of low-frequency queries like “plastic windows Jacksonville”.

The initial state of the site

If an Internet resource has never been promoted before, the period of its promotion increases accordingly. It includes creating new unique content, optimizing the structure and technical component of the site, correcting errors in code, improving the design, usability, and so on. Only a professional SEO company can perform these procedures simultaneously, reducing the influence of this factor to a minimum.

The speed of site promotion can be increased if you update the content daily: all search engines are very fond of such dynamic sites, giving them preferences in indexing and ranking. However, new content should be interesting, thematic, and regular. Despite all the factors listed above that affect the long-term promotion of an Internet resource, the most important thing is the level of decency and professionalism of an SEO company. This is a guarantee that all other factors will be taken into account in the best possible way.

Expected terms

In fact, a question like “How long does it take to promote a site?” without further clarification is meaningless. It’s like asking how fast you can teach a child to play a musical instrument. First, it is necessary to clarify what kind of instrument we are talking about (piano, guitar, or violin). Secondly, you should indicate the desired result. And, finally, the most significant thing is the characteristics of the child himself: what is his age, what basic skills does he have, did he play any other instruments, and so on.

With websites, the situation is almost the same. The period after which the results of SEO promotion will really show themselves directly depends on several influential circumstances. In addition, the chosen methods of promotion of the Internet resource and the professionalism of the contractor have a direct impact. To summarize, we can say that two weeks after signing an agreement with an SEO company, it is not worth making claims about why the site is not moving forward. It should be understood that, on average, the first results appear after 3-4 months of work, and in some cases even later. So be patient and let the professionals do their job.