How established businesses can reach new customers

Working with clients

Getting a business off the ground and functioning well is no mean feat. In fact, relatively few companies enjoy several years of prolonged stability in today’s volatile business world.

However, taking the next step –– and turning an established business into a thriving one –– is arguably even more difficult. The key to transforming a company from one that merely treads water to one that is an industry leader is new customer acquisition. Today, we’ll take a look at just this subject and explain how growing businesses can get the extra support they need to really take off. Check out our top four tips on the matter here:

Start with Retention

Gaining new customers at the expense of losing old ones is an unsustainable model that will eventually end in failure. As most experienced professionals know, it’s significantly cheaper to retain a current customer than to acquire a new one. What’s more, having a loyal customer base is the first step to growing it. Positive digital reviews from consumers hold tremendous value, and your best customers can actually help you attract new ones. Make sure to keep your hard-core support happy at all times.

New Media

One of the most obvious ways to expand your company’s reach is to branch out into new advertising and marketing fields. So, for instance, if you currently only run ads on Google, adding Facebook advertising should –– in theory –– allow you to reach new clientele. Of course, deciding where and when to deploy new marketing and advertising tactics is crucial. Just expanding for expansion’s sake isn’t likely to result in meaningful returns.


Rebranding is a drastic step, but it just might be what your business needs to evolve successfully. Remember, just because your company has an established reputation, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a positive one. As such, consider freshening up your message if it’s begun to go a bit stale. You can also contact a consulting firm like Helixa to help you accomplish this.


If consumers can’t access your product or service, then they can’t patronize your business. Expanding a company in the 21st century is about more than just opening up new locations, though. While opening up a new brick-and-mortar storefront can be a good way to get new customers, modern companies may also want to consider launching new web domains or offering delivery services in new regions or countries. Products that have universal appeal can sell anywhere –– so don’t be afraid to venture into a new market if your data suggests you’ll be viable there.