How eResource Scheduler Helps in Tracking Organizational Resources Conveniently?

Do you know the Philippines is considered a popular destination because of its strategic location and its resources in abundance? “Their resources are the people who are hard-working, very loyal, and adaptive”, said Benigno Aquino III.

None of the country or business succeeds without resources. You do not make plans without having sufficient resources. Right? Businesses need to procure, maintain, and track their resources to achieve their targets. Tracking organizational resources is a continuous activity if you want to scale your returns wisely.

Whether a large or a small scale company, monitoring the flow of work and resources allocated helps you manage the goals.

This brings in the degree of control that is exercised by the management of your company for resource allocation in project management. The whole process of organizational resource allocation depends upon tracking the resources.

Table of Content:

  1. Facts on how organizations allocate resources?
  2. What is resource tracking?
  3. Why is tracking organizational resources important?
  4. How does eResource Scheduler help in tracking organizational resources conveniently?
  5. Conclusion

Let’s have a look at some facts about how organizations allocate resources?

Project managers use organizational resource management software, the whole process of resource allocation based on these facts:

  • Scope of the projects.
  • Evaluate the available resources.
  • Research utility and dependencies of the resources.
  • Consider the schedule of your team.
  • Resource Time tracking.
  • Estimated demands in future projects.

Resource allocation for any business goes in accordance largely with tracking organizational resources. Only the activity can give you real insights into a company’s resources and assets.

It also indicates the time that is taken by the resources to complete the projects.

Let us here look at what is resource tracking and the importance of tracking organizational resources.

What is resource tracking?

Organizational resource tracking is the process to monitor the activities completed by the individual resources throughout the project. Tracking organizational resources yields data on whether the employees are reserved with work or not.

You can have a complete track of their activity log in the spreadsheets that give you accurate data. But it becomes a clumsy task when the size of the organization gets bigger. Hence, using smart resources management software solutions becomes a preferable option.

The easiest formula for resource tracking:

Resource Utilization=Busy Time/Available Time.

The value indicates how much time your team/resources spend on work.

Why is tracking organizational resources important?

Here are the factors that confirm that the process of organizational resource allocation and management is important.

  • Tracking resources provides businesses a real-time status of the actual availability of the resources.
  • It allows you to make decisions on whether or not you should accept future projects.
  • The activity also tells you about the need to procure new resources.
  • The process assists to identify whether the existing resources are over-utilized or under-utilized.
  • It helps you to monitor the performance of the resources. You can also evaluate the extent of the utility of other assets.
  • Tracking resources aids in comparing realistic expectations over deliverables and deadlines.
  • It is helpful to track remote team employees also.

Resource allocation is always best with a software tool that takes away the burden to maintain the data. It reduces the possibility of errors, double-entry, or miscommunication. For resource allocation, eResource Scheduler brings in the best, affordable, and dynamic tool. It makes the resource planning as well as tracking elementary and simple as ABC.

How does eResource Scheduler help in tracking organization resources conveniently?

Many resource tracking softwares are available in the market. You must choose what is best to support your business. One of these tools is eResource Scheduler (eRS) software, which comes with an option to customize the tool as per your need.

Here are some more reasons to find how eResource scheduler helps in tracking resources conveniently.

a.   It yields information via a powerful scheduling chart:

The resource scheduling chart from eResource scheduler offers an easy-to-understand Gantt Chart view of resources available and projects. These are very simple charts to decode from where you  fetch the details of availability and occupancy of the resources.

These Gantt chart reports provide real-time data to you enabling you to monitor the allocation of resources. The resources can be assigned to the projects after you have a complete track of them.

The resource management software tool from eResource Scheduler is easily configurable, comes with the drag and drop scheduling, and availability figures.

b.     Accurate management reports through the software tools.

eResource Scheduler, the resource management software of Enbraun is easily configurable, comes with the drag and drop scheduling, and availability figures.

Color coding option in the software offers convenience to identify over and underutilized resources. The best part is two people can view these reports depending on their accessibility feature. In the end, you can track the organizational resources at all levels.

With such detailed reports about resources allocated to projects at different stages, you are able to make better and informed decisions.

c.     Easily configurable resource management software tool

The software tool from eRS is designed in a way where it can be customized by you according to your needs. The feature allows you to capture details about all the possible resources, projects, and scheduling information.

It also takes into account the holidays when your employees are not working. So, you are better able to analyze the resources engagement up to a certain level. The tool ensures you track the organizational resources conveniently.

The resource management software tool offers you filters and the ability to create scheduling and reporting views. In simple words, you can keep track of all resources.

d.     eResource Scheduler software tool is cloud-enabled:

The cloud-based resource scheduling software allows you to have access to any reports or data. Along with easy access, you can get the reports hassle-free anytime and anywhere. These system-generated reports allow you to identify and track the resources that are allocated against different projects.


eResource Scheduler is a well intuitive resource management software that smoothens tracking organizational resources. It allows for fast scheduling, allocation, and monitoring. The software tool is highly dynamic and configurable which makes it the first choice of organizations and industries.

The effective resource management software tool comes with a free trial, that too, with customer support. Choose the best-suited plan for your business. The basic plan of the software costs you $75/ month for employees less than 50. It implies that the eRS resource management tool is affordable also.

Company Bio:

ENBRAUN is a software product and service company. eResource Scheduler is its Flagship software product.