How does dropshipping work? Is it the right business model for you?

For years, the ability to run a business online has been an attractive opportunity for people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Being able to build a business and operate it from the comfort of your own home is very exciting. However, even online businesses today require you to have some kind of cache or stock. If you want to sell something online, you need to be able to ship it to your customers in good time. Is that always possible? No. The costs of storage and buying up stock can be too much for many new business owners. That is why, for many, dropshipping is the ideal alternative.

So, how does dropshipping work? There are some big differences between dropshipping and standard business eCommerce sales. The best way to explain dropshipping is this: instead of having stock, you sell items and then buy the goods direct from the vendor. The vendor then ships the product for you direct to your customer. This means that you:

  • Do not need to have any stock to begin a dropshipping company
  • Do not need to store any stock as everything is bought on-demand
  • Can sell products that you would not be able to hold a quantity of
  • Can increase your product range and sell more products than before

The beauty of dropshipping is that you do not have to let the buyer know that this is how you deliver. The challenge, though, comes from disguising this fact. Most buyers will not be too enamored to find out you order the item for them and then add a markup to the price.

Learning dropshipping and determining its suitability

The main thing that you need to do with dropshipping is disguise the fact you are using this model. While it is a commonly used model today, many buyers have concerns. What if something goes wrong with the product? How long will it take to source a replacement? And why should they buy from you when they could just go to the original vendor in the first place?

That is why it pays to take a course on how to manage a dropshipping business properly. Platforms like Store Coach have made a name for themselves by building training programs that simplify dropshipping. By understanding the process, you can then apply this to your own business and take things from there. You also learn trade secrets for things like disguising the fact you are using a dropshipping platform in the first place.

Is dropshipping right for you? For many people, it is the ideal choice. Dropshipping allows you to expand your sales portfolio without buying in any stock. It means taking less risk and not having to invest large sums of money into buying up products and goods. If you lack the funds and you are happy to spend time researching dropshipping firms to ensure they can deliver the right quality of products in the right timeframe, then investing in dropshipping comes highly recommended.

Take the time to evaluate the suitability that it has for your business model first, though. For many, it can work. For others, though, it simply requires too many reputational risks to be worthwhile. For startup businesses and those short on space and/or funds, though, dropshipping is a valid, actionable way to start your own business.