How can a new business set up an eCommerce platform?

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Today, the rise of the internet means that business owners who once focused on local clientele are moving outward.

The days of having to be stuck in a small brick and mortar store are changing. One of the easiest ways to run an online business, then, is to develop an eCommerce platform.

By having an online store that allows for easy buying and selling of goods, people have every opportunity to extend their business potential to new areas.

Various options for starting an eCommerce business exist. Many rely upon platforms such as Shopify, which is respected for how popular it is. Others, though, look to more small-scale platforms. For a new business with limited reach and resources, there are some alternatives that make starting up a little easier.

Among the choices for the best eCommerce platform UK entrepreneurs could rely upon is Martave. Platforms like this provide an easy way to develop an eCommerce website for an affordable price. Paired with extra benefits such as unlimited product additions, this makes it more cost-effective for people to get started.

Business owners should always factor in the start-up cost of eCommerce

While many platforms can promise to build a search engine optimised eCommerce website, the devil is in the detail. For a small business with limited resources, it can be better to substitute ‘done for you’ features for a cheaper cost. So long as the website is well-developed and is capable of having more products included, this is enough to get started.

Business owners should always look to add the start-up cost of an eCommerce platform to their considerations. While it might seem wise to buy a ‘done for you’ business, if the business does not take off it can lead to large losses.

There has to be a ‘testing ground’ period first. Business owners need to be able to point to the fact that there is an audience, there is a supplier they can work with, and there is the opportunity for growth. At that stage, investing in a more complete eCommerce website might be a wise choice.

For those just starting out, though, it would make sense to use a platform that offers cost-effective starting solutions. This can keep projects in an affordable price range, and can also mitigate the cost of failure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many businesses online where they once ran a small local store. With the cost of supply and storage likely to be reduced with eCommerce, other costs come into account. Marketing, stock management, delivery of products, and website hosting all need to be focused on. Compare that to the huge list of costs associated with a brick and mortar store, though, and it can be easy to see the benefits of using an eCommerce platform.

For any business owner in the UK considering a move into eCommerce, then, options do exist. There are alternatives. The secret is to prove that the eCommerce idea can work for your business first before committing 100% to an expensive eCommerce platform. With tools like Martave, it is easier to discover if eCommerce is the correct path or not.