Homes Direct 365 has expanded and moved in 2020

Homes Direct 365

It is officially 2020 and our warehouse has finally moved on.  With the increase of our stock and double the amount of new staff, it’s a perfect time to expand at the beginning of a new decade.

As our stock has increased exponentially over the past couple of years plus with the amount of new comers in our work force, you can imagine things have gotten fairly cramped.

Say goodbye to Skippers Lane and come on down to Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate in Billingham.

What we do

We’re an online based store that offers Shabby Chic & French styled furniture. Here at the Billingham warehouse you’ll find a pristine line of contemporary furniture for your home.

From singular items to matching range collections in styles of la Rochelle, Estelle, Victorian, Cannes, Romano, wicker, Paris, Etienne and a large list from you to choose from. If you have a taste for mirrored furniture, Homes Direct 365 has got you covered, literally. You’ll find we have mirror covered coffee tables, stools, side tables, lamps, wardrobes, fireplaces (yes, fireplaces) and much more.

You can also get French lighting for your home because who wants to be left in the dark? This includes chandeliers, wall lights, contemporary lighting, lanterns, tiffany lighting and more.

  • 13 categories of French furniture
  • 7 categories of Contemporary
  • 9 categories of French lighting
  • 3 categories of French mirrors
  • Finally, over 50 collections of matching sets

Not only do we cover the North East and the rest of the UK but we also deal with international enquiries as well.

Although we moved, the list keeps on growing. We are here to help you to find the right set pieces and furniture for you.

Who’s involved?

With the growth of our business we had to naturally find some talent who can deal with the overall increase of demand. Our highly trained sales staff, both existing and new will walk you through your next purchase.

Our achievements

We have tens of thousands of followers across social media and it keeps on growing, just like our overall client base and business. We’ve become the number 1, Shabby Chic, French themed furniture store in all the UK. We’ve come a long way to get to where we are now. For over 10 years, we served customers and clients all over the North East and beyond.

A fun fact is that our roots began in Billingham in a tiny office, with a few staff on a busy high street.  We then grew our line and product base resulting in needing a warehouse to house everything. Finally, our 3rd step in 2020 involved coming back to where we started, but even bigger. Who knows, maybe in another decade of service, we could grow even larger than we’ve ever been.

So, where have we gone?

HomesDirect365 is now based in 6 – 7 Macklin Avenue, Cowpen Lane, Billingham, TS23 4BY. If you would like to speak with us directly our number is 01642 455589 or simply visit our website.