Here Is A Detailed Guide For Beginners To Bitcoin Investing


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. It is not only the oldest currency but also the first one to be launched in the market.

Therefore, traders always prefer bitcoin over any other crypto. Stepping your foot into BTC trading without any prior knowledge may end up in a disaster.

For this reason, we have explained a complete beginner’s guide in the following article. This will help you understand the BTC market and trading norms in a better manner.

Steps To Investing In Bitcoin 

To understand how one can trade successfully with bitcoin, you need to follow the below-discussed steps.

  • Learning more about the BTC price 

At the very beginning, you need to learn about the bitcoin price, how it changes, and the highs and lows. Unless you are learning about the price movements properly, you won’t be able to make appropriate decisions further.

  • Bitcoin’s present market cap valuation is limited to 21 million. According to a forecast, this valuation will exhaust itself by 2140.
  • As the supply is limited, there are high chances that the BTC price will increase in the coming years if there is an increase in market demand.
  • The prices usually go up and down based on the demand and supply chain.
  • On the contrary, if demand is low and supply is high, the price will drop.

Bitcoin trading strategy and style 

  • There are four styles of BTC trading that you have to know before you start. These are Day trading, bitcoin hedging, trend trading, and HODL.
  • Day Trading is for aggressive traders who like to make profits in a day. There won’t be any overnight exposure or funding. Therefore, you will be able to make profits even from a short trading position.
  • In trend trading, decide your opening or closing position suitably as per the market trends. For example, when the price goes high, you can close the position by selling coins. But if the price is going down, open the place and buy the coins.
  • HODL resembles buying the bitcoins and holding them in the wallet only if the position opened is long. This means that the future forecasts of the market have a positive outlook, and your holding strategy will bring profit.
  • Bitcoin hedging is a reverse strategy where you can open another position instead of an existing one according to the price movements.

Getting exposure to the bitcoin trading

It would help if you had exposure to bitcoin trading, and it can be done in two main ways. You can use a CFD account for keeping a tab on price movements. And if you do so, it will become easier for you to open a short position when the market is profitable. As for the other process, here you have to buy the bitcoins through an exchange like . However, you will have to pay a specific transaction fee that usually differs from one platform to another when it comes to dealing with financial transactions.

  • Making the call for a long or short move 

You have heard the terms “long” and “short” in the previous sections. When you forecast the BTC price movements to be in your favor, i.e. a rise in the price, you can open a long position. But if you think the price will drop and your investment may go into losses, you should always open a short position.

  • Setting the limits and stops 

You need to set a limit or a stop so that your position can get closed automatically if the price goes beyond or drops below the limits. You can try three main types of stops: normal, trailing, and guaranteed. Out of these three, understanding and utilizing the normal stops is the easiest. In contrast, the guaranteed stops will offer you the chance to avoid slippages.

  • Opening and closing the trade 

Opening a position means buying the coins during an increase in price or selling them during a drop. After you open the position, it is important to monitor the price movements and make forecasts in your favor. Once the market starts moving against your anticipation, it’s better to close the position and collect your profits.

Final thoughts

Here, we have introduced you to the main steps you must follow to make successful and profitable trades with bitcoin in the crypto market. However, these are universal rules. And since the crypto market is changing itself drastically, you may have to develop new plans and strategies for avoiding trading mistakes.