Growing dependency on mobile

Mobile is now among essential gadgets, and statistically, 82% of people use it.

Due to the extensive uses, almost all field-related people came up with ideas to sell their products and services through phone. Exposure and up-gradation of the internet had further pushed ideas to an unbelievable level. Everything seems to be present at our fingertips, and using smartphones 24X7 has become a habit. Some call it addiction; others frame it as a necessity but the sole fact that it is possible to live life without it presently. It is essential at the workplace, must for socializing, online gaming like betting mobile, and in the pandemic, it has become a companion to all.

Medical aid: Anyone can do online consultancy 24X7 on several sites to take medical assistance. One can take appointments of the experienced ones through the available apps. Ordering medicines online is among a regular habit of mass. They are easy to use, and their availability at our doorsteps after the order with exciting discount has won all hearts. Delivery of reports is also possible through mobile gadgets.

Entertainment: People spends most of their time with their phone as all the entertainment measures are there in it. Movie, music, etc., can easily enjoy here. The gadget screen has brought all kinds of entertainment in your hand by which you can entertain yourself anywhere, everywhere. All kind of new, old release of entertainment is available here. The charm of web series is almost everywhere, and presently the percentage of web series audience exceeds any other entertainment audience.

Networking: People can reach anyone, anywhere. Apart from communicating over a call, the smartphone has become an intermediary connecting you to the whole world. The emergence of video calls has shrieked the live world. Almost 42% of mobile users use this feature to communicate with someone for personal or professional use. Statistically, 61% of people connect worldwide regularly.

Online, offline games: Games are the most significant time pass in present time, and pandemic had brought us all closer to mobile games. Every day some new game enters the market and if they are good with its interface wins a great audience. Some games have won hearts and are running successfully for a couple of years. New games in such series enter the market every day. Some of them involve monetary transactions too! These games are popular among all genders, age groups, and statuses of people.

There are certain games that you can play with your friends by being virtually present. This feature has accelerated its popularity to a great extent, as during the pandemic, no one is meeting each other.

Some offline games are built-in gadgets, whereas some of them require interconnection with social networking handles.

Wrapping up

Mobile phones are continuously improving. Their body is slimming, and their features are increasing with every up-gradation. Constantly, a new feature adds up every time, and it will not be surprising if we need no more gadgets except a smartphone in the coming era.