Global CTB launches Monthly Bitcoin Raffle, New depositors get a chance at winning 1 BTC

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At the time of signing up with an online broker, the best thing you can expect is a great trading experience. Isn’t that what you are signing up for in the first place?

It is true that your trading experience is the most important thing in deciding how good your trading services provider is. However, there are other things that can give you a good idea of how much the company cares about you. Today, I will talk about, which has really done something amazing for its traders.

Now, if you continue to read on, you will find great news that goes in your favour and a complete Global CTB review to help you pick this trading platform for all your trading requirements. So, here we go.

The Big News for New Traders

If you have been looking for that golden opportunity to trade digital currencies, you have got it. Signing up with Global CTB ensures that you get your hands on the best digital currency out there. So, when you sign up with Global CTB as a new trader, you will be given the chance to partake in an online raffle. This raffle is from the broker to help you get your hands on one Bitcoin. With the current value of Bitcoin in the market, you can safely say that it’s your chance to win a jackpot. All the new clients qualify for this amazing promotion from the trading platform.

If you are new to trading and are just thinking about creating your first trading account, I think Global CTB is the best place for you to make the start. That’s where you will get a great chance to not only trade but also win the most valuable digital currency.

The Complete Review of Global CTB

Let’s provide you with some more reasons that will help you sign up with Global CTB without any second thoughts. These are the best features of this firm that attract thousands of traders from around the world every single day.

Start with a Small Deposit

You can start with a small deposit and make your fortune from there. If you are consistent with your trades and trading strategies, there is no reason why you should not achieve the goals that you have set. Trading has changed the lives of many individuals in the world. There are millionaires in the world who have made their fortunes through trading. But of course, they traded with mind and kept their emotions out of this activity. I have to mention here that they got a chance to start trading because online platforms are now there that let you do that without requiring a lot of money from you.

With this company, you just have to make a deposit of 500 EUR and you will be set to sign up with the basic account. This account gives you access to many features, including the most important personal account manager.

Get the Education You Need

The educational material from this firm is probably the best I have seen any other company offering. I can tell you that most online trading platforms are all about demo accounts. However, when you use the demo accounts, you only learn trading superficially. If you want to learn the depths of trading, you have to do it through ebooks, videos, personal sessions with experts, and more. Do you get all of that from your broker? I am sure you will get all of that and plus some more when you sign up with Global CTB. This company has made sure that you have the right ebooks and videos for training in addition to personal trading sessions that are included in every account.

You can even benefit from private sessions of training if you sign up with the right type of account. Right from the silver account, which requires only 5000 EUR from you, there is full education center access for you.

Trade the Assets That Matter

Once you have taken the risk with your personal savings, there is no reason to hold back. You just have to make up your mind and start trading. But that’s where things can get a bit complicated if you are not with the right broker. In the case of some trading platforms, you are only allowed to access a particular asset class. For example, you might be able to trade forex currency pairs, and nothing more. What if you want to be a part of the online stock trading market? What if you have always thought of trading precious metals? In that case, you need to sign up with a company like Global CTB.

This is where you will have your hands on all these assets from the same trading platform and with the same account. You can sign up with the most basic account and you will still have access to all the asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. That’s right, you will be able to trade digital currencies when you sign up with Global CTB.

Get Help When You Need

You don’t have to wait for someone to respond to you days after the issue occurs. You should have someone with you as soon as you run into a problem. And that’s what’s going to happen when you are a trader on this trading platform. You have three email addresses where you can send your queries. Moreover, you have five different phones numbers that you can contact to get all your queries answered.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you know that this broker really understands how to sweeten the deal even more. There are many other trading platforms on the internet that provide similar services. However, I have yet to find a company that can offer the Bitcoin raffle like Global CTB does. I don’t think you should miss this opportunity, considering the fact that the world is going crazy to find a way to invest their savings in digital currencies. In your case, this chance has come to you rather than you going to it.