Getting to Know You: Justin Esposito, Professional Life Coach

Originally from Long Island, New York, Justin Esposito was raised by a loving family who instilled within him the values of hard work, high standards, and strong overall morality.

By the age of ten years old, he was helping to raise his younger siblings in an effort to contribute to the family.

By the time he entered high school, Justin had become enamored with the idea of becoming a stockbroker, having been exposed to the lifestyle by the older brother of a close friend. His heart set on working in high finance, Justin Esposito decided to forego enrolling in college and instead pursue his dream career. After a great deal of studying, training, and testing, he found a firm willing to take him on. But as he spent more and more time in finance, Justin Esposito felt he needed to make a change. Eventually he left the world of finance altogether, resolving to channel his talents in another, entirely new direction.

In the ensuing years, Justin focused on improving his own physical and mental health. He fully embraced an all-encompassing lifestyle of eating nutritious foods, working out daily, and fine-tuning his mental and emotional hygiene. Justin also developed a particular penchant for yoga, which he credits with changing his life for the better by teaching him humility, gratitude, and contentment. Indeed, practicing yoga affected Justin so deeply that it inspired him to share it with others. After completing the requisite two hundred hours of training, he became a licensed yoga instructor. Not long after, the notion of becoming a professional life coach occurred to him, and he set his sights on achieving that goal.

These days, Justin Esposito spends his days coaching his clients on the best methods for achieving peak physical fitness, cultivating body strength, and improving mental and emotional health. He is also a budding entrepreneur, and has developed a fitness training program that incorporates both his yoga training and his sales expertise with the ultimate goal of opening a business designed to help others discover a better way of life. It is his life’s ambition to help lost, confused, and unhealthy souls find direction, contentment, and wellness. Beyond that, Justin Esposito views it as a special mission to assist people who struggle with drug addiction, mental health issues, and childhood trauma find peace within themselves and facilitate their recovery.

In his time away from work, Justin is heavily involved in the Men Giving Back Foundation, a philanthropic organization that focuses on providing much-needed aid in the areas of education, food stability, and mental health. Justin Esposito currently resides in Miami, Florida.

What was the inspiration for you to become a life coach?

The biggest inspiration for me is very simple: I want to be the best I can be. I spent years developing a personal program that incorporated elements of mental and emotional hygiene, physical fitness and bodybuilding, nutrition, as well as yoga. Regardless of all my troubles, whatever mental health trauma I have overcome, being in the gym, eating right, and taking care of myself generally has just always felt right. When I look and feel my best physically, I’m in the best place mentally. One day, I had an epiphany that I should share my methods with the public, so I began to take on clients as a life coach. As a professional, I love all aspects of life coaching. I love helping others reach their goals.

What defines your approach to business?

While I take great pains to approach business from an ethical standpoint, I’m very much a capitalist. So, I explore products and services that I can buy and sell, but I do so with great care, integrity, and accountability. The products or services I choose to espouse have to be of the highest quality, value, and provide a genuine benefit to my clients. Fundamentally, I believe that what goes around comes around—by which I mean doing good for others always comes back to you. I live my life with my head held high and conduct business the correct way, doing right by people, while still creating a high-value company with competitive margins.

Can you share a long-term career goal for your life coaching business?

My long-term career goal is to live the longest, healthiest life possible for my own sake, but also to share my knowledge and expertise in taking care of my body, mind, and spirit with family, friends, business clients—really anyone I can share the message with—and make money along the way. It makes me feel good to share my knowledge with people that need and desire it, and make a real impact on their lives. I derive great joy from giving to others.

How do you measure success?

To me, the ideal figure of success is a person with integrity; a person who does what he says he’s going to do. It’s a person who does the right thing for others and takes care of their family. They encounter obstacles just like everyone else in life, but when they do, they don’t point a finger and blame anyone. An ideal figure of success tries to make this world a better place as a positive member of society. They don’t take away from the human race, but rather contribute to it in a positive way. This figure of success is best exemplified in the book The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, which has an impeccable message. The message is to be true to yourself and true to others.

What advice would you give to others starting out in the life coaching industry?

The best advice I can give is to get in touch with your inner self. For me, on a yoga mat, I completely surrender myself while I go through the poses. I breathe deeply and try to genuinely connect with myself, as well as the earth, and reflect on the type of man I want to be and the life I want to live. The old, cliché saying is “life is short,” but I don’t think that’s necessarily the best way of framing that thought. Life is actually very long, if you want it to make it that way. So, the advice I would give for anyone considering a career in life coaching is to reflect on your past, connect with where you are in the present, and focus on living in the moment. Be true to yourself and stay on your path. Follow your passion and live in your heart.

How would your colleagues describe you? 

I think my colleagues would describe me as an extremely disciplined man, as well as strong-willed, strong-minded, and an overachiever, willing to go to any lengths to accomplish my goals. I’m the one setting the bar, or to put it another way, leading by example. I’m like a big brother to many others. I have a certain amount of wisdom I try to share with them. I’m simultaneously a team player, a leader, and a student. I teach and I’m still learning, and there is no job I’m above doing.

What is a piece of technology that helps you the most in your daily routine?

I would say my iPhone or my computer helps me the most in my daily routine. I use them both to conduct research for my business and to stay in touch with my community. I enjoy being a member of the community. For example, I’m a member of theMen’s Giving Back Foundation. I donate both my time and money to that organization, as well as other charities, particularly those that concentrate on mental healthcare. I want to be a force for good in the community. I want to make a difference, and my iPhone and my computer help me to do just that.

Who has been a role model to you? And why?

My role model is my stepfather. He is wealthy, successful, and a very family-oriented person. He takes care of his family, and he’s a leader in his community. He treats others well and because of that, people want to be on his team. He has great energy, and he’s all about helping others and being the best person he can. With regard to all these traits, he leads by example.

Also, my community yoga teacher is another impressive role model. She taught me how to ease anxiety and let go of it. She enlightened me to the fact that ‘control’ is just an illusion, and she taught me how to breathe as a means of dissolving my anxiety and stress. She also built our yoga community almost single-handedly through the classes she teaches. She brings people together as a passionate leader and great teambuilder. She carries herself as my stepfather does. Both are passionate about what they do, and they made money while taking care of their families and creating a network of good friends.

What is a piece of advice you have never forgotten?

A piece of advice I’ve never forgotten is one I was told from a very young age. “You create your own destiny, whether it’s positive or negative. We have the power to change, and it’s never too late.”