Games you should Try VS games you should avoid on your first visit to an online casino

Online casinos can provide an exciting and thrilling way to spend your leisure time, yet for newcomers the vast selection of games may be daunting.

To help newcomers more smoothly navigate this thrilling world of casinos, we have put together a guide of games you should play when first visiting an online casino and those to avoid. This list takes into account game difficulty and ease of play for an unforgettable experience while learning the ropes.

Games You Should Try as a Beginner

Diving into online gambling can be both an exhilarating and daunting way to spend your leisure time; here are a few beginner-friendly games suitable for novice gamblers.


Blackjack may appear daunting at first, but can actually be an engaging and enjoyable online gambling experience for beginners. The basic premise of blackjack – to reach 21 without going over – can provide hours of entertainment and excitement once players become acquainted with its rules and strategies. While mastery will take time, newcomers can still appreciate each hand as they improve their skills over time.


Newcomers to online casinos typically start out their experience by trying their luck at slots. This game involves spinning reels in hope of matching symbols appearing, with certain types offering progressive jackpots which could make an instant millionaire out of you! No special skills are necessary, making this an excellent introduction for novice players.


Roulette aims to be an accessible casino game designed for newcomers that relies heavily on chance for its entertainment value. Bets must be placed on where a small ball will land on a spinning wheel with numbered and colored slots, creating an amazing experience without feeling trapped!

Games You Should Avoid as a Beginner

While certain casino games may be easier for beginners, others can be challenging and should be avoided until you gain more experience online gambling.


Poker, another classic casino card game, may not be suitable for novices in online casinos. Played using a standard 52-card deck containing jokers, the object of poker is to win money by capturing the pot, consisting of bets made by other players, by knowing when and when not to bet. Understanding variations, as well as knowing when it is appropriate to release hands requires practice, planning, and experience. Knowing this, novice players should wait until they gain more experience in order to try themselves at poker..


Baccarat is a card game with three possible outcomes – player victory, banker triumph or a tie result. To play it requires dealing two hands: one to the player and another to the banker – with the higher-ranking hand winning. Although its rules appear straightforward at first glance, complex laws govern when and if additional cards will be distributed to either hand, and this might make the game less suitable for novice online gamblers.

As a beginner to online casinos, selecting games which are both accessible and enjoyable is of the utmost importance. Blackjack, slots and roulette are perfect options to start out on this journey; more complex ones such as poker or baccarat should wait until more experience has been accumulated. Also, remember to play responsibly!