Essential Driving Skills to Include in Your Delivery Driver Resume

Are you interested in serving as a truck, delivery, or bus driver?

Then, you should come up with a relevant delivery driver resume specifying important skills to make your job candidacy shine out amongst others.

As a delivery driver, some of the essential skills that your delivery driver resume should portray are obedience to traffic laws, correct navigation to the destination, effective communication with others, and so more. If you wish to prove to the recruiters that you possess these relevant skills, then you should aim at highlighting the same in your resume, interviews, and cover letters.

What are Essential Driving Skills for Your Resume?

Driving skills are regarded as specialized abilities possessed by an individual while working for a position involving vehicle-driving. Some drivers tend to operate larger vehicles including delivery buses and trucks. Those having proper driving skills usually work as delivery drivers, truck drivers, or bus drivers.

When you are preparing the delivery driver resume, some of the essential skills to include might be an in-depth knowledge of the local traffic rules, problem-solving skills, and knowledge maintenance. Let us know about them in detail!

Which Driving Skills to Include in Your Delivery Driver Resume?

When you are applying for the job position of a delivery driver or a truck driver, you should showcase your essential skills throughout the resume. Here are some common traits that most recruiters in the given industry look out for in a candidate:

#Impressive Driving Record

As you are expected to drive the vehicle regularly during a major portion of your employment, you are expected to portray an impressive driving record with no or minimal legal traffic citations. Professional drivers are expected to be obedient of the local traffic laws. With a strong driving record, drivers should ensure that they get the desired work done in the given period of time.

During the job hiring process, the recruiter or the hiring manager might ask for a relevant driving record. Therefore, when you offer proof of a strong driving record, it can make your resume stand out from others.


As a driver, you are expected to stop at various destinations for unloading items or passengers. To make sure that you are delivering to everyone and all items on time, you should possess strong navigational skills. This will prevent you from getting lost on your way. Moreover, it will also help you to be on track of the deliveries.

When you mention this skill in your resume, it allows the recruiters to understand that you are capable of easily locating new as well as unfamiliar areas by reading a map or using your natural sense of direction.

#Impressive Customer Services

As a delivery driver, you are sometimes expected to work with others during the respective shifts. Usually, delivery or truck drivers collaborate with customers or other businesses for uploading items and delivering them. Bus drivers might have to interact with school children or community members -based on the given position. Due to this, the presence of impressive customer service skills is crucial for offering a positive experience to others.

In your delivery driver job profile, you can reveal how impressive your customer service skills are by remaining enthusiastic and positive while working with others.

#Basic Knowledge of Maintenance

Buses, trucks, or other types of delivery vehicles tend to break down. They might even face issues while functioning properly during the shift of the driver. Therefore, it is imperative for you to possess at least some basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance for fixing simple mechanical problems that might arise out of nowhere.

As the given scenario is quite common, most recruiters search for drivers who are capable of repairing their vehicles upon experiencing some basic or minor issue. This allows the vehicle to get repaired or fixed while preventing you from falling behind your schedule.

#Physical Strength and Fitness

When you are a delivery driver, you might need several hours of moving in & out of the vehicle for loading & unloading items on a regular basis. Most drivers are, therefore, expected to possess ample physical strength and fitness capability to leave the vehicle, lift heavy items, and unload them at the desired destination.

#Time Management and Efficiency

When you are driving a delivery vehicle, you might have to stop at multiple drop-off locations. You might also be expected to follow a strict schedule for making sure that every passenger or package reaches the destination on time.

This is the reason why a number of recruiters will expect the respective drivers to possess effective time management skills and practice efficiency during work.


Create an attractive delivery driver resume to assure your desired job. Include all essential skills as a delivery driver to make your resume stand out.